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electric dirtbike

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    Two Wheels: 2013 Zero Motorcycles lineup goes faster and farther, charges with CHAdeMO

    Our socks, they are knocked off. Zero Motorcycles has just revealed its 2013 lineup and we expect that after checking out the changes, you will be as impressed as we are. Featuring significant advancements that make the entire range go faster, farther, and charge quicker, the company's ...

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    Official: Charge On with the new 2012 lineup from Zero Motorcycles

    The 69th Milan International Motorcycle Show (EICMA) is now officially underway and the first order of business for electric motorcycle enthusiasts is the reveal of the 2012 line up from Zero Motorcycles. If you were hoping for better looks, better performance and better range from each and every ...

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    First look at the KTM Freeride: Electric motorcycle photos leak from Germany

    KTM Freeride electric motorcycle concept – Click above for image gallery
    We first brought you news of KTM's planned debut of two new electric motorcycle only days ago. It appeared as if the world would have to wait for the Tokyo Motorcycle Show and the official March 26th release date to ...

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    Hirsch Design develops Comoto electric bike, plans production later this year

    Comoto electric bike – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Just how small and light can an electric motorcycle be while still providing the performance and durability riders expect? That question may soon be answered by the 118-pound Comoto, designed by Hirsch Design and planned for ...

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    Electric Moto Corporation unveils new EMAX 72DS

    Take note, Zero Motorcycles and Quantya: There's a new electric motorcycle in town. California-based Electric Moto Corporation (aka EMOT) has announced a new motorcycle called the EMAX 72DS. As hinted to by the bike's name, this electric two-wheeler will be running a 14 kW, 72-volt battery pack ...

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    Zero Motorcycles launches new MX model [w/VIDEO]

    2009 Zero MX electric motorcycle - Click above to watch a video after the break
    Zero Motorcycles has just released another new electric bike for 2009, and this one's meant specifically for the track. While we found the standard-issue Zero X to be a solid performer in most situations, the demands ...

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    KTM confirms electric dirtbike plans amidst company slowdown

    KTM electric dirtbike - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    With the global economy pretty much in shambles at the moment, it's not surprising to hear that sales of off-road motorcycles are down and that the slowdown has hit KTM just as hard as any of its peers. So far this year, revenue from ...

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    First Ride: 2009 Zero X electric motorcycle

    Click above for a high-res image gallery of the 2009 Zero X electric motorcycle
    Is the world ready to swap its gas-burning cars and trucks for electric vehicles? It's an interesting question, to be sure, and the answer may not be as straightforward as we'd like. As much as many of us would love to ...

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    KTM puts a 2010 sale date on its electric dirtbike

    Click above for high-res shots of the electric KTM dirtbike
    Sounds like KTM might beat Honda to market as the first major manufacturer with an electric two-wheeler on offer. Currently, there are a couple of players in the off-road EV market in Quantya and Zero Motorcycles, and KTM is set to join ...

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    Could discovery of space aliens lead to doubling your Zero X range?

    Imagine this. You are on your Zero X electric motorcycle enjoying a brisk ride along your favorite wooded trail. You reach a clearing and in the morning mist you are surprised to find a family of space aliens enjoying a quiet picnic in front of their parked UFO. Not wanting to learn the hard way ...

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    eKRAD electric supermoto bike from Germany

    There are a number of electric motorcycles and dirtbikes already on the market, and it looks like at least one more will be coming from Germany in the near future from eKRAD. A 21 kilowatt (28 horsepower) electric motor gets its juice from lithium polymer batteries that put out 72 volts of power. ...

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    Race ready electric dirtbike coming from KTM

    Click above for high-res shots of the electric KTM dirtbike
    We've seen electric dirtbikes before, but they've all been from small start-up manufacturers. You know that the technology is rapidly approaching mainstream when a huge company like KTM starts working on their own ebike. Using lithium ion ...

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    Zero Motorcycles sells out of '08s, touts '09s

    Click above more pictures of the Zero X
    For those of you who had been hoping to get your hands on a new 2008 Zero X electric motorcycle, we have some bad news. They are all sold out. Now, the good news is that a new revised-for-'09 model will be making its first appearance at the Alt Car Expo in ...

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    Editorial: Fossil fuel's guilty pleasures and their green alternatives

    Flight. Drag racing. Radio controlled vehicles. Monster trucks, motocross... the list goes on and on. What list am I making? A list of activities or hobbies that could be considered by some to be environmentally irresponsible. Why? Let's examine some of them, starting with flight. Much has been ...


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