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electric dragster

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    Motorsports: Garlits hits 184 mph in 'Quest for 200' electric dragster [w/video]

    Drag-racing legend "Big Daddy" Don Garlits didn't quite reach his goal of getting his electric dragster to break the 200-mile-per-hour mark. But he did come close enough to get his team to keep trying. And 184 miles per hour is nothing to sneeze at. The 82-year-old Garlits, racing his SR-37 ...

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    Motorsports: Swamp Rat 37 gets its six motors running, headed for the speedway

    Going fast never gets old, and neither, it seems, does Don Garlits. At 82 years of age, the legendary drag racing pioneer still feels the need for speed and the desire to break new ground and records on the track. Now, his "Quest for 200 MPH" in an electric dragster is entering the final stages ...

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    Video: Don Garlits drives electric Swamp Rat #37 in preparation of record attempt

    "Big Daddy" Don Garlits is a legend in drag racing. Over the decades he's set a lot of records, and was the first to break hit 200 miles per hour in the quarter-mile (and the eighth-mile, for that matter). Now, at the tender age of 81, he's getting ready to do it again. This time, in an electric ...

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    Video: Electric Camaro tears down 1/4-mile in 11.253 seconds

    Ron Adamwicz's electric 1981 Chevy Camaro, with one motor operating as intended and the other constantly disengaging, ripped down the 1/4-mile track at Palm Beach International Raceway on April 25th with a time of 11.253 seconds, hitting a top speed of 107.01 miles per hour. In addition to its ...


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