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    Evans Electric unveils monster in-wheel motor Down Under

    Egg cookery is slow cookery, or so says my Mom. Apparently it shares this trait with in-wheel electric motor cookery. We first told you about a certain in-wheel motor under development back in 2010 which, at the time, had been already been in the frying pan for three years. Fast forward to now ...

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    Official: Chevy starts Spark EV motor production in Baltimore

    While the Chevy Spark EV will be made in Korea, two important parts –motor and battery pack – are built in the US. Today, General Motors proudly highlighted the start of motor production at its White Marsh plant outside of Baltimore, MD. GM says this move makes it the first domestic ...

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    Two Wheels: KLD, Cenntro working on a number of electric vehicle projects

    On- and off-road, multiple-use electric vehicles are being developed by two companies with experience in electric motor technology and powertrains. KLD Energy Technologies, which develops high-performance electric motor technology, and Cenntro Group Limited, a developer of powertrains fueled by ...

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    Official: Nissan starts Leaf work in Tennessee

    While the official start of 2013 Nissan Leaf production in the US isn't scheduled to start for a while yet, but it looks like the Smyrna, TN factory is really starting to get the process in motion now. The picture above appeared on one of Nissan's Facebook pages and the company released a video ...

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    Official: Idaho, Montana may provide U.S. supply of rare earth metals

    Big Sky, bigger news. Idaho and Montana could provide an additional supply for the rare earth metals that are required for electric-vehicle motors, mineral exploration company U.S. Rare Earths Inc. said. Some rock samples yielded rare earth percentages of as high as 26 percent in Idaho's North ...

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    Report: Patents reveal Ferrari working on non-KERS hybrid

    Ferrari is known for hyper-exotic supercars, speed and big price tags. There is a reason, though, that we didn't mention fuel efficiency. Hopped-up V8 and V12 engines don't exactly conjure up images of tree-hugging, and, for the most part, our Autoblog pals are more than okay with that. That ...

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    Official: New EV motor from Mitsubishi Electric increases efficiency, reduces size

    Batteries are usually the focus of technological advances when it comes to electric vehicles, but a new product announcement by Mitsubishi Electric reminds us that is not the only EV element that can be improved. The company has unveiled a new motor design that integrates the inverter – the ...

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    Report: Gold Rush Alaska: the rare earth boom version

    A mining project on a mountain ridge on Alaska's Prince of Wales Island may unlock a motherlode of rare earth resources, which are important components of many of today's electric drive vehicles. Between the Bokan Mountain deposit, owned by Canada's Ucore Rare Metals, and the nearby city of ...

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    Technical details on the Volvo C30 electric's motor

    The lovely – though far too pricey for our tastes – Volvo C30 Electric DRIVe will get its motivation from Brusa Elektronik AG-supplied electric motors. Based in Germany, Brusa says its drivetrain systems will power at least 250 – possibly more based upon demand – C30 ...

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    UK consortium to develop rare earth-free electric-drive system

    A group of specialist engineering technology firms is set to embark on the development of next-generation electric-drive systems that do not require rare earth metals. UK-based Sevcon will lead the collaborative project that includes Cummins Generator Technologies and Newcastle University's Power ...

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    Official: Daimler, Bosch finalize EM-motive electric motor joint venture

    Daimler AG and Bosch GmbH have concluded negotiations, formally establishing a 50:50 joint venture (JV) to develop and manufacture electric motors. The JV, officially called EM-motive GmbH, will manufacture traction motors for electric, fuel cell and extended-range vehicles at a facility in ...

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    Green: Nitty-gritty debate: how many electric motors should hybrids use?

    One motor good... two motors better? The Toyota Prius and other hybrid models from the Big-T use that company's Hybrid Synergy drive. It's a system that's become familiar over the years, but even hybrid fans may not be aware that the system includes not one, but two electric motors. It also has ...

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    Video: The simplest electric motor?

    At some point in every engineer's academic career, they probably got to try their hand at creating an electric motor with parts that included a nail, a few feet of copper wire, and a magnet. If your own school days somehow missed this formative event, or if those times of yore are feeling a ...

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    DOE awards $175 million for development of advanced vehicle technologies

    Can you build a better car for $175 million? The U.S. Department of Energy hopes so, and Secretary Steven Chu has announced that the DOE will award more than that amount over the next three to five years to accelerate the development and deployment of advanced vehicle technologies. The funds will ...

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    Oxford YASA Motors relocating to expanded facility in Milton Park

    Oxford YASA Motors has announced it's expanding and will move from Abingdon in Oxfordshire county in the South East region of England to a facility located in the nearby business district of Milton Park. The phased relocation process will be complete by the first quarter of 2012. Oxford YASA ...

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    Nissan picks site in Tennessee for Leaf electric motor production

    During the Plug-in 2011 Conference, Nissan announced it will invest $67.9 million into its powertrain assembly plant in Decherd, TN. The money will be used to add the Nissan Leaf's electric motor into the facility's production mix. The Decherd expansion was announced by Brian Carolin, Nissan's ...

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    Daimler and Bosch sign electric motor joint venture

    Smart Fortwo Electric Drive – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Daimler AG and Bosch GmbH have formally established a 50:50 joint venture (JV) for electric motors. The JV, officially called EM-motive GmbH, will develop and manufacture traction motors for electric vehicles at a ...

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    Plug-in hybrid conversion firm ALTe turns to Remy's HVH 250 electric motors

    Plug-in hybrid conversion specialist ALTe Powertrain Technologies says that it has inked a three-year deal with Remy Electric Motors. Terms of the agreement call for Remy's HVH 250 electric motor (sure seems like this powerhouse of a motor is used in a fair amount of vehicles) to provide motive ...

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    GM breaks ground on electric motor plant near Baltimore

    Earlier this month, General Motors broke ground on what will soon become the first electric motor production facility operated by a major U.S. automaker. The factory, located near Baltimore, MD, will be dedicated to making critical components for vehicle electrification. The $244.5-million ...

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    Remy HVH 250 motor will drive Odyne's plug-in hybrid trucks

    Remy's HVH 250 electric motor – the one Steve Burns, president of Advanced Mechanical Products, Inc. (AMP), once called "simply the best [electric motor] on the market today" – will find a home between the fenders of Odyne's medium- and heavy-duty trucks for the "long-term." Waukesha, ...


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