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    Report: Tesla trying to keep Model X demand low for now

    When running a business, having to throttle the hype for a new product isn't such a terrible problem to have. That's exactly was Tesla is doing with its Model X SUV, which is slated to go on sale next year. During a quarterly earnings call (transcript available here), Tesla CEO Elon Musk ...

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    Report: Will Audi surprise us with an all-electric SUV?
    Reports Say The German Automaker Has Plans For A Range Of EVs 1403441820

    Audi may be looking to get seriously competitive in the electric vehicle market, according to a report from Reuters. The company has plans prepared for a range of EVs that would compete with the likes of BMW and Tesla. In a market where innovation is seen as valuable, getting on board with ...

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    Official: Tesla Model X will be AWD only, will cost 'slightly' more than Model S [w/video]

    For the past few years the Model S has been the main focus of Tesla Motors, but that will soon change. In 2014, we can expect the Model X to grab an SUV-sized portion of the spotlight with the unveiling of the production prototype, first drives, and customer deliveries scheduled for the latter ...

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    Report: BMW i electric sub-brand won't add plug-in SUV model

    To paraphrase George H.W. Bush, read their lips: no SUVs. That's what BMW executives are saying when it comes to the electric-drive i sub-brand it is about to launch with the plug-in i3. Car Advice spoke with i3 project manager Roland Kowalski, who said the German automaker is targeting city ...

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    Official: Amp stops conversion SUV plans, shifts focus to electric delivery trucks

    It's a turn in the road for Amp Electric Vehicles. The conversion electric vehicle (EV) company announced this week that it was no longer planning on making or selling EVs based on passenger vehicles like the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mercedes-Benz ML. Instead of the SUVs, Amp will now put all of ...

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    Official: Tesla takes 500 Model X reservations worth $40M, Model S sales also spike

    If the prevailing opinion of a new design can be judged by initial sales, then the jury is in on the Tesla Model X. They like it. They really, really like it. From the time the electric crossover was driven out on stage at Tesla Design Studios late Thursday night/early Friday morning until ...

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    Tesla Model X to have ... "falcon" doors?

    If you've been closely following the story of the soon-to-be-revealed Tesla Model X, you are likely aware that the all-electric crossover is said to be quicker than a Porsche 911, offer more interior space than an Audi Q7 and come with all-wheel drive (at least as an option). Also, if the teaser ...

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    Breaking: Tesla Model X crossover teased, full reveal to be live on Internet

    Perhaps the biggest reveal of 2012 for fans of luxury performance all-electric vehicles (or, perhaps, anyone automotively inclined with a pulse) is set for the 9th of February when Tesla Motors pulls the shroud from its Model X crossover at its new Los Angeles design studio. And now, we have been ...

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    Tesla Model X all-electric crossover is very quick, very roomy and will be revealed Feb 9

    Remember that time back in October when we told you that the all-electric crossover from Tesla, the Model X, would be revealed ahead of the 2012 Detroit Auto Show? Well, scratch that. That information was, apparently, inaccurate. Dubitable. Counterfactual even. Instead, it seems that February ...

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    Detroit: Amp bringing new electric SUV to Detroit, no longer working on Equinox EV

    Amp Electric Vehicles announced today that it will reveal a brand new all-electric SUV at the quick-approaching 2012 Detroit Auto Show. Right after the curtain is pulled back, a running prototype will be part of the Ride & Drive, so we'll be able to take the SUV for a spin in early ...

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    Teased: Tesla shareholder letter reveals new Daimler deal, Model X details

    The 3rd quarter of 2011 has been a good one for Tesla Motors. Its letter to its shareholders was quite upbeat with news that sales of Roadsters and Model S reservations were on the rise, development targets for its own vehicles and the Toyota Rav4EV are being met and its financial performance was ...

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    Follow-up: 2012 Toyota RAV4 EV will "definitely be sold to the general public"

    Recent reports, including ours, incorrectly stated the 2012 RAV4 EV will only be sold to fleet and car sharing organizations. Though we now know that's not true and corrected the original post, we'd like to set the record straight by quoting Toyota's latest on the subject:

    The 2012 RAV4 EV ...

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    Report: Toyota RAV4 EV Scion iQ EV won't be sold to the general public *UPDATE

    For the sake of argument, let's posit that a Mitsubishi i is too odd looking for your tastes, a Nissan Leaf is still a bit too compact, and that your idea of a perfect battery-powered vehicle is something crossover-shaped. Well, you're in luck because the Toyota-Tesla Motors partnership is set ...

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    Tesla seeking $214M for development of Model X SUV

    Electric automaker Tesla Motors is looking to raise up to $214 million through a secondary public offering of its shares and a private placement to fund development of the Model X – the battery-powered CUV due in late 2013ish. Tesla hopes to raise $158.5 million through a public offering ...

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    More details emerge on Zotye electric SUV [w/video]

    The Zotye electric SUV, manufactured by China-based Zotye Holding Group, is touted as having a range of up to 250 150 miles, can supposedly hit a top speed of 70 miles per hour and is backed by a three-year/50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. Unfortunately, its 25.6 kWh lithium-ion battery ...

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    Quick Spin: Amp ML EV

    The Right Vehicle To Start Moving A Country Off Gasoline Amp isn't the first company to figure out that luxury vehicles can better hide the cost of an expensive battery pack than an econobox – Tesla Motors and Fisker Automotive pioneered this strategy – but this is a case where you ...

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    AMP delivers first all-electric Mercedes-Benz ML 350 to Northern Lights Energy

    The vision of an Iceland filled with electric vehicles got a bit more real today in, of al places, Ohio. At a press conference at Amp's facility in Cincinnati, the EV conversion company delivered the first of potentially 1,000 all-electric SUVs to Gisli Gislason, chairman and CEO of Northern ...

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    Amp, NLE definitively agree to bring up to 1,000 electric SUVs to Iceland

    In November, Northern Lights Energy signed a letter of intent to buy 1,000 converted electric SUVs from Amp Electric Vehicles. This was the first big step in NLE's plan to turn Iceland into a country full of electric vehicles and deliveries were supposed to start in early 2011 and continue for ...

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    Zap bringing electric taxi, Alias to Shanghai Auto Show; promises production later this year

    About a year ago, we got our first glimpse of the electric taxi from Zap. There were hints in that vehicle about what was to happen: the taxi was an electrified version of a Jonway A380 SUV, which itself was a knock-off of the second-gen Toyota Rav4. In July 2010, Zap and Jonway officially ...

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    Zotye electric SUV to launch in U.S. by end of 2011?

    The Zotye electric SUV, manufactured by China-based Zotye Holding Group, is touted as having a range of up to 250 150 miles, can supposedly hit highway-capable speeds and is backed by a three-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and – get ready for this – its lithium-ion ...


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