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electric three wheeler

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    Report: Keep watching, Aptera 2.0 is coming

    There seems to be something a brewin' over at Aptera Motors. Gone is Aptera Motors' former website that displayed info on the automaker's oft-delayed three-wheeled electric 2e. In its place is a lone, non-working homepage with few details aside from this mission statement:

    Aptera: The ...

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    Finally, an electric vehicle that won't kill you

    T3 Motion, makers of the Segway-ish T3 electric stand-up vehicle and the oddly configured three-wheeled electric R3, has revealed its latest electric, the T3 Non-Lethal Response Vehicle (NLRV). Designed for law enforcement, T3 says the NLRV is especially suited handling for riots and violent ...

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    Say goodbye to Green Vehicles and its three-wheeled electric Triac

    Automotive startup Green Vehicles, a Salinas, CA-based company that had planned to build electric vehicles, including the three-wheeled Triac, has run completely out of cash and will close up shop. The city of Salinas had, over the past two years, invested more than half a million dollars in ...

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    Down, but not out: Aptera raises much-needed $2.25 million

    Reserving an Aptera 2e is, at this point in time, not an option, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Aptera itself is out of the game. According to GigaOM, the three-wheeled electric automaker is not bankrupt and, in fact, just raised $2.25 million of a planned $3 million by selling ...

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    VIDEO: Translogic drives the Arcimoto SRK, makes us hopeful

    If you've heard about Arcimoto, an electric vehicle start-up, and have been wondering what's up with the company and their three-wheeled product, wonder no more. Translogic has tracked the company down, taken a fifth-generation prototype – the SRK – for a ride and made one of their ...

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    T3 Motion R3 blurs the line between 3 wheelers and 4 [w/VIDEO]

    T3 Motion, the company best known for making a 3-wheeled mobility device that makes security personnel resemble centurion-like robot overlords from the future, has just introduced their vision of a sporty commuter, the R3 prototype. Although the all-electric two-seater is technically a three ...

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    Epic Torq and Amp photo bomb yields revealing details

    Epic EV Torq – Click above for high-res image gallery
    While Epic Electric Vehicles have said they will reveal more about their somewhat eccentric lineup this autumn, they must have felt a little sorry for those of us impatiently waiting because they have dropped a bomb. A big fat juicy ...


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