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electric trike

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    Official: Local Motors Verrado Electric Trike drifts past Kickstarter goal

    Well, it looks like Local Motors has blown by its fundraising goal for its Verrado Electric Drift Bike by a cool $6,000 so far. Riding sideways, of course. As it should be. The company put its electric drift trike on Kickstarter earlier this month and raised 50 percent of its $20,000 goal within ...

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    Finally, an electric vehicle that won't kill you

    T3 Motion, makers of the Segway-ish T3 electric stand-up vehicle and the oddly configured three-wheeled electric R3, has revealed its latest electric, the T3 Non-Lethal Response Vehicle (NLRV). Designed for law enforcement, T3 says the NLRV is especially suited handling for riots and violent ...

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    KTM thinks conceptually with new plastic-bodied electric three wheeler

    Austrian-based KTM is best known for producing tough two-wheelers built to handle all manner of off-road conditions. To four-wheeled fans, it's also known for the track-devouring X-Bow. Now, a new concept vehicle shows that KTM can view the world through green-tinted glasses. The plastic-bodied ...

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    Geely McCar hides electric trike inside its hybrid or EV body [w/video]

    At the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show, Chinese automaker Geely displayed a concept vehicle called McCar. Apparently, McCar stands for "magic car" – or something like that. The subcompact vehicle can accommodate four people and – are you ready for this? – one three-wheeled, foldable ...

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    Awesome Deliver-E trike is an electrified postal dream machine

    Since the 1980s, the Australia Post has counted on the Honda CT110 to deliver letters across the continent. Simon Williams thinks it's about time for a change. Williams, who invented the Deliver-E (say it out loud), thinks he's created the trike to replace the CT110 as Australia's "Postie Bike." ...

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    Video: NEVs lookout, Onya Cycles' Front End Loader is the new electric grocery getter in town

    Onya Cycles! Front-End Loader – Click above to watch video after the jump
    It's crude and looks like nothing more than a dreamy garage project created in a single weekend, but Saul Griffith's electric Front-End Loader aims to answer the question: who needs a car when you've got pedals and ...

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    Production Aptera 2e rendering leaked online?

    Aptera 2e final design rendering - Click above to enlarge
    As Aptera continues to push forward with the development of its futuristic-looking and innovative 2e electric three-wheeler, it almost seems inevitable that details of the vehicle's official specifications will leak out... this is the ...

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    ZAP Xebra finally gets some upgrades

    The often-maligned three-wheeled Zap Xebra is getting some upgrades, after shipping a record number of vehicles last quarter, that could make it a much better vehicle overall. We don't think that anything has been changed that would potentially give the Xebra more range or more power, but an ...

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    Craigslist find of the day: Homebuilt electric bike

    There are plenty of you readers who write in to us regularly to inquire about where you can buy an electric vehicle. Unfortunately affordable EVs are few and far between from regularly manufacturers. There are however, some home-built vehicles that are available for those who care to peruse the ...

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    Cree Ltd. SAM electric three-wheeler: not bad, not too expensive

    Click above for more images of the SAM from Cree Ltd.There is a new all electric three-wheeler in Switzerland known as the SAM, produced by Cree Ltd. Featuring a power pack made up of six individual batteries which produces 168 volts, the 15kW motor, which also produces 80Nm of torque, is capable ...

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    Introducing the Corbin Raven, a three-wheeled 100 mpg vehicle

    digg_url = ''; You've gotta hand it to Mike Corbin. Mike started building comfortable seats for himself and his friends, and successfully started a business out of his hobby. Not just any business, ...


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