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    Report: Smith Electric Vehicles quietly stopped production in Kansas City last year

    Sometimes, you just don't want anyone to know what's happening. That's how Smith Electric Vehicles must have felt about stopping production of its all-electric delivery trucks in Kansas City, MO late last year. There was no press release issued and even the local newspaper, The Kansas City Star, ...

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    Report: 100 Via Motors PHEV utility vehicles headed to Canada

    Canada is going to soon make a big mark in the global market for electric trucks and vans, thanks to a deal with Via Motors. Sun Country Highway, a Canadian company dedicated to the adoption of zero emission transportation, has inked an $80-million deal with Via to purchase plug-in hybrids for ...

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    Report: Viridian, Green Automotive team up on small EV truck

    Green Automotive Company (GAC) continued to diversify its electric vehicle portfolio through investment in electric truck manufacturer Viridian Motor Corporation. GAC will bring its EV engineering expertise to the electric truckmaker, and Viridian will be a support partner on the East Coast for ...

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    Official: Amp delivers first all-electric heavy-duty truck conversion to Navistar

    Earlier this summer, Amp Motors delivered an electric delivery truck to FedEx, but that's not the only large vehicle that the Cincinnati-based conversion company has been working on. Today, Amp said it has delivered its first heavy-duty step van to Navistar, as part of a previously announced ...

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    Boulder Electric Vehicle delivers first truck to Precision Plumbing [w/video]

    It's been a couple years since we first saw the Boulder Electric Vehicle prototype in action but now comes word that the company has delivered its very first production vehicle. The initial DV-500 (as it is affectionately called) has been sold to Denver-area Precision Plumbing,Heating & ...

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    Official: Smith Electric will build EV trucks in New York, files $125m IPO

    Smith Electric Vehicles is making moves. Following a formal IPO submission to the SEC (complete with many pretty color pictures), the electric truck manufacturer announced it will build the all-electric trucks in a most unlikely place: New York City. Specifically, the Bronx. Smith expects to ...

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    Nissan to unveil Leaf-based electric e-NT400 Atlas Concept truck

    How big can a Nissan Leaf get? How about big box truck big? While admittedly not built from the same body as Nissan's popular all-electric passenger car, the three new Nissan trucks based on the ATLAS F24 model that are making their appearances at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Truck Show ...

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    Coca-Cola to add 6 Navistar eStar electric trucks to U.S. fleet

    Coca-Cola has announced that it will be using six Navistar eStar electric trucks to deliver its thirst-quenching soft drinks to urban areas in North America in an effort to reduce fuel costs and slash pollution. Coca-Cola says the eStar will deliver drinks "with all of their normal fizz, but less ...

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    UPS purchases 100 electric trucks for its California fleet

    UPS just announced that it has purchased 100 electric delivery vans for deployment in California, making it the single-largest implementation of zero-emissions delivery vehicles in the state of California. UPS says that because its vans rack up so many miles, replacing lots of older diesel-fueled ...

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    Balqon wheels out medium-duty electric Mule M100 truck

    Balqon, a developer of electric drive systems for medium- to heavy-duty trucks, has launched its Mule M100, a zero-emissions, cargo-hauling truck. The Mule M100 boasts a top speed of 70 miles per hour and can deliver its load up to 100 miles away before needing to recharge, which takes only three ...

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    Balqon shows off long-range electric XR E20 heavy-duty truck

    "It's turning into a commercial argument," says Balqon chief executive officer Balwinder Samra. Given the soaring cost of diesel fuel Samra says, "We are one generation of battery away from the tipping point where there will be mass adoption." Of course, Samra is talking about electric vehicles ...

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    Beijing puts 1,060 electric garbage trucks into service

    A total of 1,060 electric sanitation trucks were put into service in the city of Beijing, China, on June 30. These electric-only, commercial-duty trucks will conduct tasks such as transporting garbage, sweeping streets and scooping up roadkill. The 1,060 electric sanitation trucks are grouped ...

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    Calstart accelerating electric truck deployments with E-Truck Task Force

    Calstart, a catalyst organization for the global clean transportation technology industry, is launching an E-Truck Task Force aimed at accelerating the development and deployment of electric and other types of "zero-emissions" (read: fuel cell-equipped) medium-and heavy-duty trucks. Calstart's ...

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    UK electric truck maker Modec to cease operations

    Electric commercial truck maker Modec is to cease trading after administrator Zolfo Cooper failed in its attempts to locate a suitable buyer for the UK-based firm. Last month, Modec announced that it was suffering from "severe cashflow difficulties" and had no option but to enter ...

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    It's Friday: Get your Steam Whistle beer in a 100% green delivery truck [w/video]

    Steam Whistle, arguably Canada's greenest brewery, has added a custom-built, eco-friendly vintage ride to its delivery fleet. Called Retro Electro, this green machine started life as a 1958 Chevy Apache truck. Steam Whistle retrofitted it with an AC motor capable of cranking out 465 pound-feet ...

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    Canadian teens convert 1989 Toyota truck into electric dragster

    Students at the Delta Secondary School in British Columbia, Canada have spent the last two years converting a 1989 gasoline-fueled Toyota pickup truck into a battery-powered dragster. Now, with the four weeks left until it's race-ready, Casey Mynott, the school's automotive instructor, talked to ...

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    Liberty Electric Cars looking to rescue Modec

    Concerned by news that UK-based electric commercial truck maker Modec fell into administration, Barry Shrier, chief executive officer of Liberty Electric Cars, has committed "significant resources" in an attempt to rescue the ailing automaker. Last Monday, Shrier said:

    It's a sad day for the ...

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    UK electric truck maker Modec falls into administration

    UK-based electric commercial truck producer Modec is suffering from "severe cashflow difficulties." Modec had been discussing a takeover with its U.S.-based partner Navistar, but talks ended in late February and no deal was made. Modec's financial troubles are apparently so severe that the ...

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    Morgan Olson wraps Enova, Tesla tech in walk-in van package for Freightliner

    After hooking up with Enova Systems for an electric drivetrain and with Tesla Motors for a battery pack, Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) has now teamed with Morgan Olson to create an appropriate walk-in van (WIV) body to wrap the entire package in. Dubbed the MT-EV, the new clean ...

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    Tesla Motors battery pack goes to work... in a walk-in van

    Freightliner Custom Chassis walk-in van – Click above for high-res image gallery
    That Daimler deal with Tesla Motors is defying early skepticism and starting to bear fruit in the shape of a boxy walk-in-van (WIV). The all-electric truck chassis we told you their subsidiary Freightliner ...


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