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electric vehicle conversion convention

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    EVTV kicks off 3rd Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention next week

    Ever since lithium batteries first became available to the general public, the popularity of converting gas-powered cars to run on electricity has been on the rise. This is something we can get behind, since not only does recycling previously-manufactured vehicles make environmental sense, it's ...

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    Video: PBS visits Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention, sheds light on DIY scene

    Last September's inaugural Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention (EVCCON) held by the EVTV guys was, by any measure, a resounding success that combined a higher-than-expected turnout (both of participants and cars) with a well-rounded itinerary of activities and discussions. Ironically, given ...

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    EVTV awards $20,000 worth of EV components to contest winner at EVCCON

    The recent Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention (EVCCON) hosted by EVTV appears to have been an unqualified success and plans are already afoot for next year's event. By all accounts, attendees were more than happy with an itinerary that included autocross and drag racing, numerous information ...

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    EVTV Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention to feature Chris Paine, racing

    Cape Girardeau is generally thought of – when it's thought of at all – as a modest Missouri town on a slow bend in the Mississippi river. For five days beginning September 21st however, it will become the center of the electric car conversion universe as Jack Rickard and his "compadre ...


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