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electric vehicle conversion

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    Exclusive: Black Zombie electric Mustang launches Blood Shed Motors [w/videos]
    Say Hello To The First Of Many Classic Muscle Car EV Conversions 1403211600

    As patient zero of Blood Shed Motors, the classic pony car has received a powerful electric transplant. Lightning repeatedly vanquished the darkness like the angriest of strobe lights and thunder shook the building, punctuating the clatter of a heavy Texas rain on the metal roof as the clock ...

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    Video: Meet ZelectricBug, the amazing '63 VW Bug converted to EV power

    No word a lie, we here at AutoblogGreen are fans of classic cars. What we are not fond of, however, is the pollution that their inefficient engines create, and so it's great to see our old favorites lovingly up-cycled with electric drivetrains. The ZelectricBug is a beautiful example of how new, ...

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    EVTV kicks off 3rd Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention next week

    Ever since lithium batteries first became available to the general public, the popularity of converting gas-powered cars to run on electricity has been on the rise. This is something we can get behind, since not only does recycling previously-manufactured vehicles make environmental sense, it's ...

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    Yan does a wheelie good DIY Smart car conversion

    When Daimler first launched the Smart Ed, the electric version of the Fortwo, its performance was apropos of its acronymized appellation: somewhat limp. Daimler has since improved it somewhat – the 3rd generation on sale now goes from 0 to 60 in 13 seconds and tops out at 75 mph – but ...

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    Two Wheels: From Fossils To Flux is an electric motorcycle conversion conversation

    If, one day, you decide to electrify a motorcycle, you might begin by seeking the advice of someone who has already tackled this kind of project. Ted Dillard is such a person. Sadly (depending on who you ask), there is only one of him, and he likely lacks the time to talk with absolutely everyone ...

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    Video: PBS visits Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention, sheds light on DIY scene

    Last September's inaugural Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention (EVCCON) held by the EVTV guys was, by any measure, a resounding success that combined a higher-than-expected turnout (both of participants and cars) with a well-rounded itinerary of activities and discussions. Ironically, given ...

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    EPA streamlines alt-fuel conversions with amended regulations

    With the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tweaking its rules for alternative fuel conversions for vehicles, it's time for do-it-yourselfers to rejoice. Previously, the EPA's rules for alt-fuel conversions made it difficult to convert older vehicles. However, changes made to the Agency's ...

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    EVTV launches contest for $20,000 in EV components [w/video]

    Jack Rickard of EVTV telling you to enter contest – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Building or converting an electric vehicle (EV) can be extremely rewarding. Rolling down the road in a machine of your own making can give one a sense of satisfaction that might only be rivaled by ...

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    Video: Maui high school students complete second electric vehicle conversion

    1995 Toyota Corolla EV – Click above to watch video after the jump
    A group of Hawaiian high school students has completed their second electric vehicle conversion in three years. Seabury Hall, a prep school on Maui, offers students the opportunity to participate in a number of classes that ...

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    Want to take an electric vehicle conversion class online?

    Converting a liquid-fueled vehicle to electric drive is nothing new, but, if you've never done it before, then everything can be fresh and totally overwhelming. For those of you interested in trying a conversion project, the fine folks at Electric Cars Are For Girls are here to help. The site is ...

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    Florida DIY: If you can't buy one, build your own electric car

    When the market doesn't offer what you want, maybe it's time to make it yourself. At least that's what Cornelius Cronin in Oldsmar, Fla., thought when he bought an old Chevy S10 for $900 and replaced its gas engine with an electric powertrain. The DIY EV bug is contagious down in Florida, ...


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