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electric vehicle fee

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    Report: GM lobbies against Michigan proposal for EV road tax

    General Motors has no issues with the idea of better roads for Michigan, but when it comes to a special plug-in vehicle tax enacted to help pay for those repairs, the automaker is crying foul, Automotive News says. At least eight US states either having passed or proposed a special electric ...

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    Report: Washington State senate passes $100 annual fee for electric vehicles

    Washington State's senate has passed a bill that would impose an annual fee of $100 to electric-vehicle drivers in an effort to compensate for the gas taxes that EV drivers don't pay, the Associated Press reported. The fee, which doesn't apply to hybrids or neighborhood-electric vehicles, will ...

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    State of Washington mulls $100 annual registration fee for electric vehicles

    Opting to buy a battery-powered vehicle means that owners no longer need gasoline and, therefore, don't have to pay gas taxes. Right? Well, for residents of the state of Washington, that sort of depends on the outcome of Senate Bill 5251. The bill, introduced in the state Senate, calls for ...


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