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    AltCar 2008: Prometheus' solar-powered electric motorcycle

    click for more shots of the Prometheus Electric Motorcycle
    Jim Corning had an idea. Wouldn't it be cool if you could put four solar panels on your house, and then be able to power a vehicle with the energy created with them? Corning, who founded Prometheus Solar LLC, didn't have a vehicle he could ...

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    A step further: Regional government supplies electric bikes to show feasability

    A few months ago, we spoke about the Government of Cantabria, Spain, and its BioBike project to promote the use of electric bikes. The program just got an additional boost when that Government supplied 16 electric bikes to the main media of the region to promote its use and visibility. During six ...

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    Honda VFR conversion to electric power now complete

    Why do so many people want to be hatin' on home electric vehicle conversions? When we featured Andrew Angellotti and his DIY Mazda pick-up truck conversion, a lot of people felt the need to criticize what this boy had done. Granted, there were some who defended him as well, but the very fact that ...

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    India drops excise duty on electric bikes

    India, the seventh largest but second most populous country in the world, has good reason to encourage electric vehicle sales, considering that its automobile market is growing very rapidly. Pollution could become a much larger problem than it already is if steps are not taken to manage it now. ...

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    2008 INTERMOT to showcase alternative power on two wheels

    At the INTERMOT show in Cologne, Germany, running from October 8-12 this year, there will be a special section at the Innovation Centre which will showcase alternative drive two- and three-wheelers. The show will include vehicles that are already on the market, like the Vectrix scooter and electric ...

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    Electric Motion Systems E+ ebike: great features, high price

    Click on the image for more high-resolution shots of the E+ digg_url = ''; Electric bikes are becoming an increasingly intriguing option for commuters who live relatively close to work or for avid outdoor ...

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    Instructable of the day: Build a 70 mph, 72 volt electric motorcycle

    Three months and $3,000 is what it took Instructable's poster Stryker (aka Ben) to build this great electric motorcycle. Unhappy with rising gas prices and ready to learn, Ben took a 1984 Honda Interceptor 700, gutted the gasoline components and added a 72V Advanced DC motor and 6 Yellow Top Optima ...

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    EVS23: A ride on the Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle? Sweet (video)

    Covering a conference like EVS23 can be a bit draining. There is so much to try and capture and post on that by the end of the event, I'm looking forwards to falling asleep in my cramped airplane seat on the way home. The last day of EVS23, though, brought with it a special treat: a chance to ...

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    AutoblogGreen rides the Quantya electric motorcycle

    Not too long ago, we introduced you to an electric motorcycle from a Swiss company knows as Quantya. At that time, we wished that the machine was available here in the States so that we could take a ride on one. Guess what? Our wishes have been granted! Not only is the bike available here, but we ...

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    Video: Enertia electric bike to be released second half of 2008

    In the video above, NextGear talks to Brammo, the maker of the Enertia electric bike, at EVS-23 and they say the bike will be released the second half of 2008. Here is exactly what Brammo said about the release date:We would like to be building and shipping these bikes towards the second half of ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Matra MS1-Electric Motorcycle

    You may never have heard of the French automotive company Matra. You've probably seen some of their designs and cars that they have built for other companies such as Renault, though. For instance, the strange and strangely popular Renault Espace minivan was initially made by Matra for Renault. ...

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    The Electrobike Pi: pretty cool and really expensive

    Let me get this fact off my chest before I write anything else: this thing is flippin' expensive! Alright, now that we're through with that, let's analyze this electric bike, known as Pi. The frame is an aluminum monocoque, meaning that it is a single piece made up of metal which is all a similar ...

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    Shiny! Electric bicycle has solar-wheels

    While it is not uncommon for electric bikes to have a front hub motor or for them to have batteries mounted on the rear racks, these are the first pair of wheels that I have seen with solar panels integrated into them. I think that the idea is pretty cool, and can't really think of another place ...


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