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    Report: 100 Via Motors PHEV utility vehicles headed to Canada

    Canada is going to soon make a big mark in the global market for electric trucks and vans, thanks to a deal with Via Motors. Sun Country Highway, a Canadian company dedicated to the adoption of zero emission transportation, has inked an $80-million deal with Via to purchase plug-in hybrids for ...

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    Official: Ford puts more green in green-car production

    'Follow the money,' states the old axiom, and when it comes to green-car production, Ford is doing just that. The US automaker is boosting its number of electrification-engineering staff by 50 percent this year to 500 workers while sinking $50 million in its electrified-vehicle development ...

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    Using gas to power cars is like "burning Picassos" for heat

    Our dependency on oil for transportation is as futile as burning Picasso paintings for heat, according to Christian Science Monitor guest blogger Kurt Cobb. The point Cobb makes is that oil molecules can be used for valuable resources by being transformed into substances with true value – ...

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    Official: Ford invests $135 million in electrified vehicles

    Ford may not have a dedicated hybrid or EV platform, but it does have a new "Electrification Center of Excellence" down the street from its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. Ford announced yesterday that it now has some 1,000 engineers devoted to electrified vehicles, most of whom work "under ...

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    Electrification Coalition releases Fleet Electrification Roadmap, shows how to get to 200,000 plug-ins by 2015

    The Electrification Coalition, formed in 2009, is a group of business leaders passionately advocating for the adoption of electric vehicles on a mass scale in order to avoid the pitfalls of our dependence on oil. On November 15, it released its Fleet Electrification Roadmap, a detailed report ...

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    Chat with retiring GM research VP Larry Burns today at 3pm EDT

    Larry Burns has served as General Motors Vice president of research and development for 11 years, a tenure longer than anyone else since the original holder of that office, Charles Kettering. This fall however, Burns will be strolling off into the sunset as he has opted for retirement. Before he ...

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    Is retro-fitting older vehicles the solution to accelerating electrification?

    Converted Saturn SC1 EV - click above for high-res image gallery
    Is the mass retrofitting of older vehicles the solution to a rapid transformation to an electrified vehicle fleet? Felix Kramer, founder of Cal Cars, certainly thinks so. The problem lies in the fact that there are nearly 250 ...

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    Detroit 2009: Ford ready to electrify the masses with EV car in 2012 [w/VIDEO]

    Ford is betting that efficiency will be paramount in the long term. The new Fusion Hybrid? That's the tip of the iceberg. Today in Cobo Arena, the Ford execu-quartet of product chief Derrick Kuzak, CEO Alan Mulally, President of the Americas Mark Fields, and Bill Ford presented the green roadmap ...


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