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    Elon Musk nets much needed $24M profit from Tesla's IPO

    We find it hard to believe that Tesla's chief executive officer Elon Musk could possibly be running low on cash, but that's the story we've heard. If true and Musk actually is almost broke, he's a lot less so now with the addition of some $24 million in pocket change courtesy of Tesla's recent ...

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    Model S gets software update to prevent unintended acceleration

    Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Last week Tesla Motors filed an update to its original S-1 documents. The S-1 filing is a requirement as the company moves closer to its initial public offering (IPO). The update contained an abundance of new information such as the ...

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    Tesla CEO Musk used private jet 12 times to lobby Washington for DOE loans

    When the CEOs of the three Detroit based automakers used corporate jets to fly to Washington in late 2008, they were eviscerated by the national media and grandstanding politicians. Within weeks, all three companies had canceled the leases on those aircraft and all future travel by Detroit ...

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    Martin Eberhard and Elon Musk reach settlement in lawsuit

    About a month ago we heard that Martin Eberhard had decided to drop his defamation and breach of contract lawsuit against Elon Musk and Tesla Motors. Now comes word that Eberhard and the defendants have actually reached a settlement. Given the ruling of the judge in the case that the suit could ...

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    Martin Eberhard "demonstrated a probability that he will prevail" in lawsuit against Tesla

    Following up on yesterday's decision in a San Mateo, California court, ex-Tesla Motors CEO Martin Eberhard's legal team has issued a statement of its own regarding the lawsuit against Tesla Motors and Elon Musk. While Tesla's official response to the decision obviously focused on the judge's ...

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    David Vespremi on Tesla's relevance in bringing EVs to the masses

    While things have been quiet on the official legal front in the battle for recognition between Martin Eberhard and Elon Musk, some of the bystanders in the saga are continuing to come forward with their takes of the story. Earlier this week we heard from Tesla's former SVP for marketing Darryl Siry ...

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    Ex-Tesla CMO weighs in on founder controversy: They're both wrong!

    As the legal battle between Elon Musk and Martin Eberhard continues to percolate, a new/old voice has chimed in publicly on the controversy for the first time. Current Peppercom clean-tech analyst and ex-Tesla SVP of Marketing Darryl Siry has penned a piece for Wired that gives a different spin on ...

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    BREAKING: Martin Eberhard sues Elon Musk and Tesla for libel, slander and breach of contract

    The only thing surprising about Martin Eberhard's latest move is that it took so long to happen. Eberhard was co-founder of Tesla Motors along with Mark Tarpenning, and he was ousted from the company in November 2007 by then-chairman Elon Musk. Musk has never been one to hide his feelings about ...

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    60 Minutes on "The Race For The Electric Car"

    Want to watch Lesley Stahl and Elon Musk tool around in a Tesla Roadster? If you missed the duo on 60 Minutes last night, you can still catch it online. The stalwart CBS reporter takes a 12-minute look at "The Race for the Electric Car." The piece starts out by talking the need for new battery ...

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    AutoblogGreen Q&A: Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk - Epilogue

    During the course of our discussion (presented in three parts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3).Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk described how he came to be a part of Tesla Motors and how he, as "Product Architect," influenced the development of the Roadster as and what will become the WhiteStar sedan. ...

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    AutoblogGreen Q&A: Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk Pt. 1 - In the beginning

    Among the readers of this site, one of the cars that elicits a lot of passion is the Tesla Roadster. The battery-powered Roadster and its provenance have elicited a great deal of discussion over the past nine months, in particular since the demotion and ultimately the departure of co-founder Martin ...

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    VIDEO: Elon Musk talks to Fox Business News; who needs accuracy?

    Yesterday we told about news from Tesla Chairman Elon Musk that the Silicon Valley EV startup had struck some sort of deal with Daimler. We speculated that it might be an engine supply deal for the range-extended version of the WhiteStar. Tesla Marketing VP and primary spokesman Darryl Siry ...

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    Elon Musk talks about Tesla financing plans

    On Saturday morning, Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk delivered a keynote address to the TIeCon conference in Santa Clara, CA and then sat down to talk about the plans for funding the future operations of Tesla. We've previously heard from both Musk and Marketing VP Darryl Siry about some of the ...

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    Scoble & Musk take on Calacanis in Tesla vs. Vette showdown

    It can be interesting to see what happens when geeks with money meet up for dinner in Santa Monica. You're having a pleasant meal and the next thing you know you're racing down the road in a Tesla Roadster and a Corvette, live-streaming the video from two perspectives with cell phones. Tesla ...

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    Tesla to show final design, working prototype of Whitestar this year

    Click image for photo galleryReady for the Whitestar? CNET is, and recently interviewed Tesla's co-founder, Elon Musk, about the eagerly-anticipated next vehicle from Tesla Motors. Elon says some things we know - the electrically-powered sedan will cost between $50,000 and $60,000 and is estimated ...

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    Tesla customer conference call 2: reaffirms WhiteStar, talks DriveTrain 1.5

    Click the Roadster for a high-res galleryTesla Motors had another customer conference call the other day where some of the management team took questions from those who have put up cash and are waiting patiently for their new electric cars. The first such call happened in December just after new ...

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    Elon Musk finally speaks publicly on what's going at Tesla, plans to stay independant, go public

    Following the recent departure of co-founder Martin Eberhard from any active role at Tesla Motors there has been plenty of criticism of company Chairman Elon Musk in the comments here and elsewhere. For the two or three of you out not familiar with Elon Musk he made his fortune as one of the ...

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    More on Martin Eberhard's departure from Tesla Motors

    The saga of Martin Eberhard's abrupt departure from Tesla Motors continues to unfold. A story on the Green Wombat blog at Fortune's site has more details on what happened during Eberhard's last few days with the company he helped get off the ground. It appears that a personality conflict between ...


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