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    Official: EnerDel electrifies trikes in the Philippines

    Boracay is certainly a long way from Indiana. But business is business, and EnerDel has found some on that island in the Philippines. And, to quote the hip-hop lexicon, there's some three-wheeled motion to boot. The Indianapolis-based company reached what it says is a "long-term" agreement with ...

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    Official: EnerDel looks to broaden products for secondary, heavy-duty-vehicle use

    Lithium-ion battery maker EnerDel is trying to broaden its sales into the secondary-battery-storage market as a way to help give the struggling company a second life of its own. The company says it's working with ATC New Technologies to co-market and sell lithium-ion battery systems for ...

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    Romney again attacks Tesla, Fisker in presidential debate with Obama

    On the electric car front, Dan Senor has failed. Senor was supposed to be the guy to convince Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney that electric cars were a good idea, but at last night's third and final debate between Romney and President Obama, Romney again said that investing in ...

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    Official: EnerDel still in battery business, now working with Purdue on li-ion research

    You can't say EnerDel isn't still giving it the old college try. In this case, the Indianapolis-based company is making its presence felt at Purdue University, about 65 miles away. EnerDel is giving the university's College of Technology a collection of lithium-ion battery cells and research ...

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    Report: New Enerdel CEO: Shifting away from EVs means profits in late 2013, or maybe 2014

    For companies in the lithium battery business, multi-segment marketing has become a necessity. A few years ago, electric vehicles looked like the next smartphone-like growth area for battery makers. Now, it's more turmoil than profits for some battery makers. David Roberts is CEO of one of these ...

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    Official: Still kicking, EnerDel gets second battery contract for Volvo C30 Electric

    Volvo vehicles are known to be able to withstand major crashes. We'll see if the maker of batteries for the Swedish automaker's C30 Electric can do the same. EnerDel, whose parent Ener1 declared bankruptcy in January, won its second contract to make lithium-ion batteries for the electric ...

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    Report: Donated Think EVs idled because of improper recharging?

    "So about those free cars you donated to us..." The city government of Evansville, IN, which was given five all-electric City cars by now-bankrupt electric-vehicle maker Think USA, says that only one is functional because the other four vehicles' computer memories were erased because of improper ...

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    Official: America's RV capitol rebounds but number of Think EV workers drops to just two

    Remember when the U.S. capital of RV production, Elkhart, IN was going to escape the doldrums that the decline of the motor home industry brought on by shifting over to building electric cars? Not so fast. As NPR reports, rising demand for RVs has helped boost employment in Elkhart, IN, while the ...

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    Official: Ener1 plans to emerge from bankruptcy in March with $86 million equity infusion

    Lithium-ion battery maker Ener1, which filed for bankruptcy in late January, plans to emerge from its Chapter 11 status by mid-March with the help of $86 million in new equity and debt-holder agreements to restructure their debt on the company. Ener1, whose own investments include a stake in ...

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    Official: Ener1 files for bankruptcy, agrees to restructure $81 million in debt *UPDATE

    Ener1, a maker of lithium-ion batteries for electric-drive vehicles and a major investor in now-bankrupt electric-vehicle maker Think, has gone bankrupt itself. Ener1, which was also making batteries for the Norwegian automaker, said late last week that as much as $81 million in debt will be ...

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    Report: Ener1 to be booted from NASDAQ stock exchange

    Looks like things that were bad with Ener1 (and the Think City electric car) are about to go to worse. After a string of bad news (see here, here, here and here), the latest shoe to drop is the news that the NASDAQ suspended Ener1 from the stock exchange. The fight has apparently gone out of ...

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    Report: Battery maker EnerDel under fire over Think claims

    When electric vehicle maker Think filed for bankruptcy last spring, it owed millions of dollars to EnerDel subsidiary Ener1. Ener1 was also a major investor in Think and a lot of the company's worth was tied up with the Norwegian EV maker. Any way you slice it, Think's failure put Ener1 in a ...

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    Executive shake-up underway at Ener1 as CEO resigns

    The bankruptcy of Think Global is dragging Ener1 down even more, so an executive shake-up, it seems, is in order. Ener1 announced changes to its senior leadership team this week, including the resignation of Charles Gassenheimer, the man formerly in charge as the Chief Executive Officer of ...

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    Think Global bankruptcy drags Ener1 down

    Ener1, a pioneer of lithium-ion batteries for plug-in vehicles, has warned that it might not have sufficient funds to remain operational as a result of losses from its investment in Think Global, a Norwegian automaker that declared bankruptcy in late June. In a regulatory filing on Tuesday, New ...

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    Lightning Motorcycles switching to Ener1's lithium-ion batteries

    Ener1 may have ended its deal with Think, but it looks like the company has found a place to use some of its lithium-ion batteries after recently reaching a supply and distribution agreement with Lightning Motorcycles. In this agreement Lightning Motorcycles will use Ener1's batteries in both ...

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    Lux Research ranks LG Chem tops in lithium-ion battery industry

    Chevrolet Volt battery pack – Click above for high-res image gallery
    In its latest report, Lux Research ranks lithium-ion battery manufacturers and makers of ultracapacitors on its Lux Innovation Grid, a proprietary framework that supposedly assesses the relative performance of companies, ...

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    Report: Think Global files for bankruptcy

    When Ener1 abruptly ended its four-year-long deal with Think Global, saying that its investment was "impaired," we had reason to worry. Now comes word that the struggles continue to mount at Think Global and that the automaker has filed for bankruptcy. Again. According to a statement released by ...

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    Think to make "significant announcement" within "10 days"

    In mid-April, Valmet Automotive halted production of the electric Think City. At the time, a Think spokesperson told us that:

    We have asked Valmet to temporarily stop production in Finland, while we rebalance our parts inventory in Europe. The stoppage in Finland has had little effect on ...

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    Ener1 abruptly ends deal with Think, says investment was "impaired"

    Back in October of 2007, Ener1 and Think Global inked what was hailed as the largest contract for lithium-ion batteries in automotive history. Under terms of that agreement, Ener1 was to deliver li-ion prototype packs to Think in March 2008 and pre-production packs in July 2008. Once those ...

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    Ener1 fires EnerDel president Rick Stanley

    Battery maker Ener1 has reportedly fired its chief operating officer and EnerDel president, Richard Stanley. Stanley's April 8th termination was apparently disclosed in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing made by Ener1 last Wednesday. Stanley's departure came shortly after Ener1 announced ...


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