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    Official: DOE funds more hydrogen fuel cell research with $4.5m investment

    The US Department of Energy (DOE) is continuing to show support for next-gen fuel cell systems. In June, DOE rolled out $9 million in grants to speed up the technology, and this month, an announcement was made that $4.5 will be invested in two projects focused on advanced fuel cell membranes. ...

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    Official: US DOE ready with $9m in grants for fuel-cell advances

    Some might say $9 million is a drop in the zero-emission bucket when it comes to federal funding of hydrogen fuel-cell advancements, but it does beat a sharp stick in the eye. The US Department of Energy has announced a $9-million grant that will be directed towards speeding up hydrogen ...

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    Official: Toyota loans two hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles to DOE

    Following a record-setting year of plug-in electric vehicle sales in the US, the federal government is continuing an "all-of-the-above" alternative energy strategy to ensure folks don't forget about the wonders of hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEV). In fact, the US Energy Department's ...

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    Report: Fisker loan spurs more questions from senators

    Um, about that $337 million. Fisker Automotive and its pending federal government loan has spurred a letter from two U.S. senators to Energy Secretary Steven Chu questioning the appropriateness of the loan, The Detroit News reports. In their letter to Chu, senators John Thune (R-South Dakota) ...

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    Official: Energy Department may fund $10 million for electric truck, forklift development

    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will invest as much as $10 million in the development of battery-electric trucks, forklifts and other cargo vehicles in a further attempt to cut petroleum use by the domestic transportation industry. The DOE will fund as much as 50 percent of the development of ...

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    Official: Obama's EV Everywhere plan sets 2022 goals for U.S.-made electric vehicles

    President Barack Obama on Thursday outlined his administration's EV Everywhere plan designed to cut gas-powered vehicle use over the next decade. Speaking at a Daimler truck plant in North Carolina, Obama set a 2022 goal of having the U.S. produce a five-passenger electric vehicle that would ...

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    Obama's 2012 budget gives clean diesel and fuel cell funding the boot, electric vehicles a boost

    Under pressure to remove billions of dollars from the annual budget, the Obama administration has released a plan that ends funding for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's clean-diesel grants and the Energy Department's hydrogen fuel-cell program. Electric transportation, on the other ...

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    DOE to invest $7M in emerging solar technologies

    Hire Electric's solar charging station in Richland, WA
    The Department of Energy's ongoing commitment to back emerging solar energy technologies comes in the form of $7 million in funding issued under its Photovoltaic Solar Incubator Program. Through this program, the DOE aims to assist in ...

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    Gasoline-powered alarm clock catches Energy Star off guard

    You know that familiar Energy Star label that seems to show up on everything from your computer to your washing machine and dryer? It's the little blue square with the star inside, and it's become a rather ubiquitous sight over the last decade or so as the desire to save energy and be ...

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    40-year-old discovery may hold key to cellulosic ethanol production

    About 40 years ago, Iowa State Chemistry professor John Verkade based his doctoral dissertation on a chemical compound, and only realized a few years ago that it may very well hold the key to breaking down the cellulose that forms the structure of a plant's cell walls. The way the story goes is ...


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