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    Two Wheels: Brammo delivers first Empulse electric motorcycle, promises Enertia Plus for January

    "It's been a long time coming – It's well worth the wait" – Tragically Hip It seems whenever I think about the long awaited arrival of the Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle this chorus begins playing in my head. That's partly because I'm both covertly Canadian and old enough to have ...

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    Evangelist of the Year award makes brammofan a Brammo Man

    Have you ever stumbled across a product you liked so much that you became something of a fanboy/girl, even though you couldn't quite justify getting one for yourself? Such is the predicament Harry Mallin found himself in after stumbling upon the Brammo Enertia on the internet one day. Almost ...

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    Brammo pair prepare to shock Barack, request assistance

    Brammo Enertia - Click above for high-res image gallery
    This coming Tuesday morning, two guys will strike out on a pair of Brammo Enertias and retrace the trail Detroit auto execs took to the halls of political power when they begged for their bailouts. The goal of this journey is not to ask for ...

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    Visualize a green world and win a limited edition Brammo Enertia

    If you have a fondness for super sweet electric motorcycles, are creative with a computer and harbor your own vision of what a green world looks like, then perhaps you should submit an entry into the "Creativity for a Greener World" contest being held by BOXX Technologies and sponsored by AMD. To ...

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    Brammo's greenhouse gas calculator now in beta mode

    Brammo sent out an email to people who've registered at the Enertia bike website about the beta version of a greenhouse gas calculator. I assume this is the precursor to the technology that Brammo representatives told AutoblogGreen about in December whereby Enertia bikes will connect to the ...

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    EVS23: A ride on the Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle? Sweet (video)

    Covering a conference like EVS23 can be a bit draining. There is so much to try and capture and post on that by the end of the event, I'm looking forwards to falling asleep in my cramped airplane seat on the way home. The last day of EVS23, though, brought with it a special treat: a chance to ...

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    Video: Enertia electric bike to be released second half of 2008

    In the video above, NextGear talks to Brammo, the maker of the Enertia electric bike, at EVS-23 and they say the bike will be released the second half of 2008. Here is exactly what Brammo said about the release date:We would like to be building and shipping these bikes towards the second half of ...

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    Yamaha's $2,000 electric bike

    If you like the Enertia but not the price tag, consider Yamaha's Electric Commuter EC-02. It's just $2,000. It looks a lot like the Enertia electric bike, just smaller and much slower. The Enertia's top speed is 50 MPH while the EC-02 can only go 18 MPH. Enertia says their "bikes are not associated ...

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    Rogue GT? Gone. Enter the Enertia GT from Brammo Motorsports!

    Brammo Motorsports is really gettin' their green on these days. They just released information on their new electric motorcycle, the Enertia. Now, word leaks that they are changing their gasoline-burning ways and are shifting the focus of their upcoming supercar to electric power! The vehicle was ...

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    MSN Autos gets first ride on the Brammo Enertia electric cycle

    We just showed you the new Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle a few days ago, and already MSN Autos has gotten to take it for a ride. Yes, we are all collectively jealous. MSN seems to have enjoyed their time on the machine, although they had to keep it in the low power settings. The machine ...

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    The Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle

    From the looks of the above video, there is one thing that Brammo definitely got right with their new electric bike, the Enertia: the looks. I really think that this is an attractive machine, with the leather saddle and all the carbon bits. The rest of the components make the bike appear ...


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