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    Video: What happens when you take an engineer sliding in a BMW i8
    Qualcomm's Wireless Charging Is More Fun This Way 1411145400

    The BMW i8 is a pretty impressive car, and a highly visible one at that. It's a great brand ambassador, but not just for BMW. It's really no surprise that Formula E chose it as the safety car from the electric racing series. And, for its duties at tracks around the word, the i8 safety car got ...

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    Official: Toyota wants you to meet an 'obsessed' hydrogen fuel cell engineer

    Like a television-broadcasting company covering the Olympics, Toyota is looking to market its future in hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle production by taking the personal approach. In this case, the Japanese automaker is telling the backstory of Jackie Birdsall, an engineer at Toyota Technical Center ...

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    McLaren seeking electrical engineer to develop hybrid vehicle components

    McLaren MP4-12C North American debut – Click above for high-res image gallery
    McLaren Automotive inadvertently dropped a hint about its future hybrid intentions by posting a job opening for an electrical engineer that will work on, "concept, design and development of the electrical package ...

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    General Motors using student design competitions to recruit EV engineers

    Hiring new engineers in the auto industry is always something of a gamble. Just because someone coming out of school has a 4.0 GPA, it doesn't mean that they are well suited to the day-to-day problem solving and innovation required of a modern engineer. In the past, a lot of new engineers were ...

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    Mechatronics engineers in extremely short supply as automakers prepare for EV future

    If working on high-tech batteries like the units pictured above or developing complex hybrid powertrains is your cup of tea, then boy are you a lucky one. As countless automakers turn their attention towards a future filled with electric and hybrid vehicles, the demand for mechatronics ...

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    Ford joins with University of Detroit-Mercy to train EV engineers

    For over a century, the training of automotive engineers has focused on creating vehicles propelled by internal combustion engines. Electrical and mechanical engineers have worked on piston engines, transmissions and all manner of related systems. The future holds new directions for ...

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    Princeton Uni control hydrogen flow for advanced fuel cell

    Princeton Uni engineers have identified how to control the flow of hydrogen gas inside a newly designed fuel cell to control its power output. Previously, controlling the hydrogen flow rate was considered impossible but Princeton's breakthrough was to create a system in which the fuel input itself ...


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