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    Official: Toyota Prius Plug-In wins 2012 sales battle in UK

    The Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid was the top selling plug-in hybrid vehicle in the United Kingdom, with 470 sold since being introduced to the market in July 2012. That means the Prius Plug-in Hybrid outsold the Vauxhall Ampera plug-in hybrid, Toyota says. The sales lead happened even though the ...

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    Report: Government warning sparks fuel-buying surge in UK

    The UK is currently experiencing a run on fuel after a government minister warned citizens to stock up ahead of a possible strike by British fuel tanker drivers. Despite the fact that a strike is anything but certain, and must also be preceded by a week-long warning period, Britain's Petrol ...

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    Official: Daimler's car2go car-sharing service will launch in UK this fall

    Daimler's about to find out of its car-sharing service translates to left-hand drive. The automaker's Car2go will debut in the UK this fall when it starts service in Birmingham, England. Birmingham's city council approved a plan for car2go to supply as many as 250 Smart Fortwo gas-powered ...

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    Report: UK energy secretary: proposed 80 mph speed limit should only apply to electric vehicles

    A proposed increase of the speed limit on UK roads – to 80 miles per hour – is not without controversy, concerns and complaints. How about this for an unlikely solution? UK energy secretary Chris Huhne reckons the proposed 80-mph limit motorway should only apply to electric vehicles. ...

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    Report: Report: London Mayor Boris Johnson hits Obama's motorcade with congestion charge

    Rules are rules, and they apply equally to everyone – including the President of the United States. Especially when he's on foreign soil. After President Barack Obama's famous Cadillac limousine – known as The Beast – got stuck exiting the US embassy in Dublin, it was shipped ...

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    UK to fund 542 low-carbon buses with $75 million

    UK Transport Minister Norman Baker announced that the government has handed out more than £46 million ($75.3 million U.S. at the current exchange rate) to put 542 additional low-carbon buses on roads across England by March of 2012. The funds are part of the UK's drive to invest in projects ...

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    BMW accepting applications for lower-cost MINI E leases in UK

    MINI E - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Good news for southwest England residents who are fans of EVs and/or the MINI: BMW is now accepting applications for an allotment of 20 MINI E leases. Why is it good news that a company will take your money? Because these leases will be offered ...

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    Jaguar Land Rover opens green academy

    Where can an automaker make a difference? Just by building greener cars? By having green dealerships? Wait, it can also have green training facilities! That's the tack that Jaguar Land Rover, not known for fuel efficient vehicles, is taking. Jaguar Land Rover's new training facilities in Warwick, ...

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    UK's Birmingham University gets hydrogen filling station

    Birmingham University is now home to Britain's first hydrogen filling station, part of a dozen planned to be installed by 2010. So far there are only a handful of hydrogen-fueled cars in the country but the university will be using this station to support ongoing research into hydrogen vehicles. ...

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    London Mayor to Porsche: butt out of England's elections, make cleaner cars

    The war of words between the Mayor of London and Porsche is heating up. Thanks to Mayor Ken Livingstone (the guy in the black Prius), London's congestion charge will be increased, a move that sparked the threat of a lawsuit and even the creation of a website by automaker Porsche. At a news ...

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    High fuel prices trigger record diesel market share in UK

    Here in the U.S. when fuel prices go up a few people buy smaller, more efficient vehicles. Most however just complain and demand that politicians do something about price gouging. Over in England, as fuel prices have continued to climb to over $8/gallon drivers are opting for more and more diesel ...

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    Used car buyers in England getting more aware of CO2 emissions

    The number of new cars sold every year is just a tiny fraction of all the cars on the road. There are currently somewhere around 230 million cars on the road in the US and only about 16-17 million new cars per year. The number of second-hand cars that are sold annually dwarfs those sales with an ...

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    UK government moving with requirements to sell up to 5% biofuels

    The British government is moving forward with their Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation Programme (RTFO) which is meant to expand to the use of biofuels. Originally introduced in 2005 the programme is currently in a consultation period that lasts through September and then beginning from April 2008 ...

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    British post office ordering two electric vans from Smith EV

    The Royal Mail, Britain's post office has ordered a pair of electric vans from Smith Electric Vehicles for testing purposes. They will be receiving one Edison, which is based on the Ford Transit van, and a 7.5 tonne Newton, which is a larger cab-over truck. Both trucks use the Zebra sodium nickel ...

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    Britsh hybrid sales double in the past year

    Gas-electric hybrid cars are still a very small segment of the market in Europe, but they are starting to pick up some steam, at least in England. So far in 2007 hybrid sales are up 111 percent compared to 2006 rising from 3,117 to 6,568 units. A monthly record of 604 Honda Civic Hybrids were sold ...

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    Operating costs more important to British drivers than emissions

    It should come as a surprise to no one that most British drivers place a higher priority on the cost of operating a vehicle than they do on CO2 emissions. When fuel costs the equivalent of US$6-7 a gallon, fuel economy is generally your top concern which is why higher mileage cars have always been ...

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    53.5mpg Mini Cooper D is now available for sale in Britain

    Click the photo for a high-res gallery of the new Mini Cooper DBMW has just introduced their cleanest vehicle yet to the UK market, the 2007 Mini Cooper D. The first generation Mini had a diesel engine available only in the base Mini One model. This time around they have put the diesel in the ...

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    UK doubles road tax on gas guzzlers, some green cars go free

    Road tax bills are now nearly double for gas guzzlers in the United Kingdom. As expected, Chancellor Gordon Brown announced increases in the annual vehicle excise duty would jump to 300 British pounds, but high-mileage vehicles will be charged 400 pounds. Owners of green cars such hybrids get a tax ...

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    Hummer finally launches in Britain just as pollution tax jumps

    This week Hummer launched their first British dealership in Manchester, England and introduced the first right hand drive variant at the same time. The right hand drive is available on the "small" H3 Hummer. Unfortunately for Hummer, a new budget is coming out in England this week and it includes a ...

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    Politics of green automobiles in the UK

    The automobiles that politicians in the United Kingdom are driving (or not driving, in the case of the fellow who is going to some campaign stops on the Underground) are making headlines as election season heats up and opponents try to out-green the way they get around.The Guardian ...


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