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    Featured: How the EPA tests - and doesn't test - fuel economy of new vehicles

    Doesn't the EPA test the fuel economy of all new vehicles? Actually, no. Last week, Hyundai and Kia announced that they had each made errors in the way they tested the fuel economy of their new vehicles. "Honest mistakes" and "human error" were made during their in-house process for ...

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    Report: Turns out, the Fisker Karma is a subcompact, says the EPA

    Look at the vehicle in the picture above. Does that look like a subcompact car to you? Well, if you peer at the Fisker Karma through the regulatory lens of the EPA, then it would. See, the EPA has a strange methodology that bases vehicle classes on interior size, and the Karma isn't exactly ...

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    Report: Fisker Karma's 5,300-pound weight = 20 mpg

    The 2012 Fisker Karma is officially rated by the EPA at 52 MPGe and 20 miles per gallon when its battery runs out of juice. In addition, the plug-in boasts 32 miles of electric-only range. Though these numbers can feel disappointing, there's a reason for the Karma's less than stellar EPA numbers. ...

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    Tesla Roadster 2.5 snags official 119 MPGe rating

    Within hours of posting on the Tesla Roadster's official EPA rating and emphatically pointing out that no production vehicle beat the Roadster's EPA-assigned 111 MPGe rating, along came an automobile that knocked the Roadster from its number one spot. It was bound to happen, right? So, what's ...

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    EPA rates Tesla Roadster at 111 MPGe

    On November 22nd of 2010, the Nissan Leaf received a 99 MPGe rating on its official EPA window sticker. Then, on November 24th, the Chevrolet Volt got its official 93 MPGe rating. Now, there's another plug-in that has cemented its place in the lofty MPGe club and it goes by the name of Tesla ...

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    2012 Infiniti M35h Hybrid rated 27/32 mpg city/highway

    2012 Infiniti M Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's official: Infiniti's 2012 M35h Hybrid is the only vehicle in North America, at least for the time being, to offer 350-plus horsepower and 30-plus miles per gallon on the highway. The M35h has received its official ...

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    MPG equivalent? Say what? Industry experts say new efficiency ratings for EVs will be confusing

    As experts from the automotive industry and government discuss how to determine efficiency ratings for electric vehicles (EVs), they have quickly come to a conclusion that nobody will be happy to hear: it can't be done. Here's the problem: Beginning in 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency ...


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