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    Recharge Wrap-up: Cool new Euro VI railroader Unimog, Car2go hearts charity
    China Trying Again To Get Drivers To Switch To EVs 1407340740

    Mercedes-Benz's mega-cool road-railer Unimog now boasts Euro VI compliance. Used for railroad track maintenance and train shunting work, this diesel-powered Unimog offers about a 90-percent improvement in particulate emissions over the Euro V. The new engine also offers improved efficiency. It ...

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    Recharge Wrap-up: India plans to subsidize EVs, Ultra Low Emissions Zone in London

    India is set to heavily subsidize conversion to electric vehicles with its National Electric Mobility Mission Plan. The government will be providing automakers with cash to create electric cars. It will help customers pay for new electric vehicles, and a 35 percent subsidy for EVs and 25 percent ...

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    Scania unveils 13.0-liter, Euro 6-compliant diesel engine

    Scania has unveiled its duo of 13.0-liter Euro 6-compliant diesel engines that combine close to a jillion technical solutions to meet stringent emission requirements without sacrificing even a smidge in overall fuel economy. The 440- and 480-horsepower heavy-duty diesels, developed entirely ...

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    European Parliament calling for Euro 5-, 6-compliant motorcycles

    Europe could benefit from more stringent emissions regulations for motorcycles, according to views expressed at the European Parliament's hearing last week. Proposed legislation presented at the hearing calls for updates to Europe's emissions standards for "L" category vehicles, which includes ...

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    Volvo announces new line of diesel engines "more than" Euro V compliant

    Volvo is introducing a new array of engines next year. Volvo claims that these engines, called EEV (Enhanced Environmental friendly Vehicle), exceed the requirements for Euro V antipollution norms by means of reducing emitted particles and smoke. Not only that, but the new set of EEV engines also ...

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    What the new European emissions standards (Euro 5 and 6) will cost and what they'll save

    Currently, cars in the European Union need to meet what're called Euro 4 emissions standards. In the near future, emissions levels will be restricted further and the numerical signifier will increase. Euro 5 should kick in in 2009, and Euro 6 follows five years later (or so). Particulate and NOx ...


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