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    Report: EU to require louder EVs, quieter IC cars

    The discussion over whether electric vehicles should come with warning sounds has been going on for what feels like forever - seriously, it's been so long we've forgotten amazing little tidbits like this - but that doesn't mean the whole thing is solved. While the US has required EVs to emit a ...

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    European Parliament calling for Euro 5-, 6-compliant motorcycles

    Europe could benefit from more stringent emissions regulations for motorcycles, according to views expressed at the European Parliament's hearing last week. Proposed legislation presented at the hearing calls for updates to Europe's emissions standards for "L" category vehicles, which includes ...

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    EU votes in favor of CO2 limits on light commercial vehicles

    The European Parliament (EP) has voted to approve a measure that will limit CO2 emissions for vans and other light commercial vehicles in use throughout the European Union (EU). The legislation, which complements existing CO2 limits for passenger vehicles, was approved with 534 votes in favor ...

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    EU parliament passes 130 g/km CO2 limit, industry asks for help

    Last time we told you about the EU's new CO2 limits, they were almost done. Naturally, the politicians needed a bit more time to discuss them, but now it is official: the EU has new CO2 limits for cars. The numbers remain the same: automakers will have to sell an array of cars that produce an ...

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    Almost maybe finally definitve: EU to establish 130 g/km CO2 limit

    The telenovela story of limiting vehicle emissions in the EU might have finally reached its penultimate chapter. The Parliament and the French President of the European Union have, after far too long a time, found an agreement on CO2 emission limits for car manufacturers. Now it's just a matter of ...

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    EU CO2 limits close to final agreement

    Participants in the EU CO2 limits telenovela discussion might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Despite industry pressures and the tour de force battle between France and Germany, the European Parliament seems to have reached something that resembles a final agreement, even though ...

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    EU continues to backpedal on CO2 standards

    Just the other day, we heard the European Union was thinking of lowering its CO2 standards for automakers. It appears that the rumors were true, as the European Parliament has indeed voted to amend the proposed standards. The details are pretty difficult to follow, as this particular issue has been ...

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    EU Parliament votes "aye" on hydrogen cars

    The European Parliament voted last Wednesday in favor of new rules for hydrogen-powered vehicles. This legislation, which has yet to be converted into law during a summit of ministers from the 27 member countries, aims at creating a common standard that would avoid a patchwork of different ...

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    Surprise! Europeans support fuel efficiency

    Here's a shocker: a recent opinion poll conducted in five EU countries and sponsored by Friends of the Earth (FoE) shows that European citizens support measures to force carmakers to reduce the fuel consumption of the cars they produce by 25 per cent without delay; this would mean that auto makers ...

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    Cyberaction: Less fumes mean less CO2

    Several Environmental organisations in Europe have launched a campaign to request that the European Commission to implement tougher CO2 emission limits on vehicles. According to their sources, road transport accounts for 25 percent of European emissions and in countries like Spain, it reaches 40 ...

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    European Parliament demands sustainability certification for biofuels

    The European Parliament passed a resolution last Tuesday supporting a mandatory blend of biofuels at European pumps. At the same time, it declared its intent to investigate to make sure those biofuels are environmentally sustainable. Thirdly, the Parliament passed a non-mandatory resolution stating ...

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    European parliament votes to set up hydrogen infrastructure by 2025

    The European Parliament has voted to approve a declaration laying out comprehensive targets to improve energy efficiency, increase the use of renewable energy and to set up a pan-European hydrogen economy. The plan calls for a twenty percent jump in energy efficiency and thirty percent cut in ...

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    European Parliament votes for Euro-5

    The European Parliament has adopted a legislative report by the European Parliament Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety that we previously reported on. The report favours revising the current emission limits for motor vehicles (the Euro-4 standards, which have applied since ...

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    Euro 5 for 2009

    Auto Industry reports that the European Parliament Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety has voted in favor of September 1, 2009 as the starting date for Euro 5 emissions standards. After the transitional periods (January 2011 for private cars and January 2012 for light commercial ...


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