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    Official: AAA adds plug-in vehicle charging stations to TripTik map services

    AAA is getting ready for the EV era. After announcing roadside charging assistance for electric vehicles last summer, the company announced today that it is going to add charging station locations to its TripTik services, either online or with an app. It's all part of the brand's history of ...

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    Google Maps adds electric vehicle charging stations

    Last week and without much fanfare, Google added plug-in vehicle charging station locations to its U.S. mapping service. In a blog post on March 9th, the Internet search giant said that it had teamed up with the U.S. government's National Renewable Energy Laboratory to display chargers listed on ...

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    Meijer to install plug-in vehicle chargers at select Michigan supercenters

    Supercenter retailer Meijer Inc. plans to install electric vehicle charging stations at many of its Michigan area stores. The first charging station, installed at the Warren, MI Meijer store, is now operational, and perhaps coincidentally, is located across the street from GM's technical center, a ...

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    Washington, Oregon a perfect one-two punch when it comes to electric vehicle chargers

    Level 3 Quick charge station in Portland, OR
    Two states within the U.S. claim to be leaders in the electrification of transportation, but we all know there can only be one champ. Right? Maybe, but until that's decided, the battle is fun to watch. The state of Washington has four charging station ...

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    Eaton, Murphy Oil USA team up to demonstrate convenience of electric vehicle charging at gas stations

    Imagine how convenient it would be if you could simply fill up your future electric vehicle (EV) at the gas station down the road, across town, or perhaps even the one that's located right off the exit ramp of your local expressway. Now, that's convenient charging that could push EVs to mass ...

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    Electric vehicle charging times will depend on both the charging station and the car

    Electric vehicles (EVs) may be dramatically less mechanically complex than their traditional internal combustion counterparts, but that's where the simplicity ends. The battle that began with Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla over direct vs. alternating current continues to this day, the battlefield ...

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    Nissan, Daikyo will research ways to charge electric vehicles in condos

    Nissan Motor Company has teamed up with Daikyo Incorporated, one of Japan's largest condominium builders, to jointly develop an electric vehicle charging infrastructure targeted directly at condo dwellers. Nissan and Daikyo will immediately begin work on their "Demonstration Project for EV Charging ...

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    SF Bay Area receives $5M grant to fund installation of 5,000-plus chargers

    As the U.S. readies for an expected onslaught of electric vehicles (EVs), the San Francisco Bay Area is quickly becoming one of the regions that's particularly well-prepared for EVs. In late 2008, mayors from the Bay Area joined together to approve a multi-billion dollar plan that would eventually ...

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    Auto execs question need for widespread public charging infrastructure

    Earlier this week, automotive execs came together to discuss the future of the industry at the Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City, MI. As Green Car Advisor reports, one of the sessions at the seminar was titled "Full-scale Deployment: Making the Business ...

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    ChargePoint America installations underway, two more chargers ready for use in San Jose

    By October 2011, the ChargePoint America program, assisted by Coulomb Technologies, is expected to complete installation of 4,600 free public and home charging stations funded by a $15-million grant from the U.S. government. The chargers will appear in nine regions across the U.S.: Austin, TX, ...

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    Leviton enters EV charger market, offers industry-first plug-in prewire system

    If you've ever replaced an electrical switch or outlet in your home, then the name Leviton likely rings a bell. If not, it suffices to say that Leviton is a giant in the home electrical market. The company is now ready to enter the electrical vehicle (EV) market by offering a host of new home ...

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    Nissan says "no exceptions" to charger installation fees

    As potential Leaf owners move through the process of purchasing Nissan's groundbreaking electric vehicle, it has become quite clear that the company has each and every step planned out to the smallest detail. Last week, we reported that home charger quotes were rolling in and that Nissan was spot ...

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    How electric vehicle chargers will be like fire hydrants

    Companies working to build streetside electric vehicle chargers face a lot of obstacles. From deciding where to install them to worries about vandals unplugging the cord, there are a lot of issues that have nothing to do with the vehicle or the charging technology. Earlier today, when thinking ...

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    Interstate-5 in Washington to become "electric highway"?

    The state of Washington is hoping to turn the interstate 5 corridor that runs from Canadian border to Oregon into the nation's first electric highway. With the help of a $1.32 million federal grant, Washington hopes to install between seven and 10 so-called Level 3 electric vehicle charging ...

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    Study: 4.7 million EV chargers coming worldwide by 2015

    According to a new study conducted by Pike Research, the number of electric vehicle (EV) charge points across the globe will reach 4.7 million by 2015. That's so many that the study suggests that the charging market will become overly crowded by next year. As the EV charging market emerges, lesser ...

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    Epyon Unveils Fast Charger for Electric Vehicles During Nissan LEAF Tour in Amsterdam

    More and more fast charging system will hit the streets over the next decade as electric vehicles become more common. As the market grows, more and more players will enter the space. One of them, Netherlands-based Epyon, showed off its new fast charger this week in Amsterdam along with a public ...

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    A week with the i-MiEV proves that range and charging continue to hamper the experience

    Mitsubishi i-MiEV - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Electric cars are still in their infancy and, as with any new technology, certain issues are sure to pop up. Overcoming some of these concerns such as limited range and lack of infrastructure will take time, but early adopters of this new ...

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    NFPA, SAE will hold summit on electric vehicle safety this October

    One of the big selling points of electric vehicles (EVs) has been the ability to skip past gas stations and "fuel up" cars entirely at home. Until now, though, EVs have largely been the realm of hobbyists and enthusiasts. Starting later this year, the first wave of mass-produced, mainstream ...

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    Michigan-based PEP Stations jumps into the charge station market

    With so many automakers planning to introduce plug-in vehicles in the next several years, lots of other companies are hoping to cash in with related businesses. Among those are companies producing charging stations. We've covered Coulomb Technologies on a number of occasions and we've just become ...

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    Will curb-side charging fall prey to vandals and miscreants?

    As we were discussing an upcoming story related to a certain extended range EV with some colleagues the other day, a potentially serious problem for EVs came up. The primary market for plug-in vehicles for the foreseeable future will be urban areas where the range limitations of battery-powered ...


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