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ev tax

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    Report: GM lobbies against Michigan proposal for EV road tax

    General Motors has no issues with the idea of better roads for Michigan, but when it comes to a special plug-in vehicle tax enacted to help pay for those repairs, the automaker is crying foul, Automotive News says. At least eight US states either having passed or proposed a special electric ...

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    Breaking: New Jersey considering electric vehicle tax

    States and municipalities are getting creative as they look for ways to raise tax revenues from electric cars. More and more plug-in vehicles are on the roads each year, and as gasoline-engine vehicles become more fuel efficient, there's simply less fuel tax revenue coming in. New Jersey is ...

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    Iceland exempts first $47,000 of electric vehicle price from VAT charges

    Iceland is already heads and shoulders above other countries when it comes to using renewable energy, but it still needs to import lots of oil and gasoline. The people pushing the country to go electric – like our friends at Northern Lights Energy, which wants to sell lots of electric ...

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    Official: GM opposes Washington State's proposed electric vehicle fee that has "no merit"

    General Motors has gone on record to oppose a Washington State bill that would impose a fee of $100 per year on electric-vehicle drivers. GM Regional Director Howard Lenox, Jr. wrote a letter on March 6 to Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire stating that the automaker, which makes the ...

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    State of Washington mulls $100 annual registration fee for electric vehicles

    Opting to buy a battery-powered vehicle means that owners no longer need gasoline and, therefore, don't have to pay gas taxes. Right? Well, for residents of the state of Washington, that sort of depends on the outcome of Senate Bill 5251. The bill, introduced in the state Senate, calls for ...

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    Maryland approves HOV access, $2,000 tax break for plug-ins

    Drivers in Maryland now have two new reasons to opt for a plug-in electric vehicle the next time go new car shopping. Governor Martin O'Malley (above) has reportedly signed bills this week that provide for car pool lane access for plug-in vehicles and a new $2,000 tax break. The High Occupancy ...

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    How best to tax EVs? Probably not with Washington's $100 flat rate

    Making the transition to electrified vehicles will bring with it a vast array of issues that will need to be dealt with. There are, of course, the obvious problems of charging EVs in urban areas and disposal and recycling of batteries. Then there is the problem of taxation. Vehicles need paved ...


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