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    Official: Chicago's fast-charging network up and running under NRG eVgo

    Chicago's long-delayed fast-charging network for plug-in vehicles is up and running after being taken over by the NRG Evgo program that's underway in Texas as well as the Pacific Northwest, Phoenix, Nashville and Washington, DC. NRG Evgo is partnering with Chicago-based JNS Holdings Corp. to ...

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    Official: BMW's new i DC Fast Charger will give free juice to i3 drivers
    No Cost Charging Until End Of 2015 1406591520

    From solar chargeports to the first SAE Combo Fast Charger, BMW is offering or promoting more charging options for the i3 than most people will know what to do with. This is not a bad thing. At the Plug-In 2014 conference happening in San Jose, CA this week, BMW announced a new i DC Fast ...

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    Official: EZ-Charge program will get rolled out for all vehicles [UPDATE]

    UPDATE: It appears that Chargepoint has pulled out of the program. It looks like a myriad of vehicles will be eligible for the single-card recharging program under NRG Energy's NRG eVgo division. The EZ-Charge platform that Nissan said last month would allow Leaf owners to use multiple vehicle ...

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    Report: Thanks to a year of free charges, Nissan Leaf sees sales increase in Texas

    Nissan is pretty certain that free charging offers in the two largest metropolitan areas in Texas are substantially boosting sales of the Leaf electric vehicle. Heck, one Houston car dealer says Leaf sales have tripled because of the plan, which is run by NRG through its batch of eVgo Freedom ...

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    Official: Nissan says don't mess with money to recharge Leaf EV in Texas

    In the Lone Star State, the person who buys his or her Nissan Leaf battery-electric vehicle next April 1 really is indeed the Fool. That's because the Japanese automaker and utility company NRG are offering a year's worth of free electric charging for folks who buy Leaf EVs in the Dallas-Fort ...

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    Report: Is NRG ready to finally get DC fast chargers installed?

    Those quick-charging electric-vehicle charging stations NRG Energy Inc. was supposed to deploy in California for the state's "Electric Expressway"? So far, there's been nothing quick about them. NRG agreed last year to start building the DC fast chargers along the state's highways as part of a ...

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    DC AUTO SHOW: Nissan will triple number of DC fast chargers in US

    As it has done in Europe, Nissan is forging ahead with putting in DC fast charging stations so people can get many miles into their Leaf electric vehicles in short order. At the Washington Auto Show today, Nissan announced it will work with eVgo to bring 40 Freedom Stations to the DC area, and ...

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    EVS: How Enron's 2001 mess leads to more plug-in vehicle chargers from NRG Energy today

    Turns out, the Enron scandal will end up benefiting electric cars. At EVS26 in Los Angeles this week, we caught up with Arun Banskota, the president of electric vehicle services for NRG Energy, and he filled us in on some of the plug-in vehicle projects that NRG is working on. Last fall, NRG ...

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    Official: California moves forward with big, $120m EV investment; New Jersey follows with smaller bill

    Today, California announced a $120 million investment to install over 10,000 charging points throughout the state. The new "Electric Expressway" will be built up by NRG Energy Inc. and will include 200 public fast-charging stations and 10,000 "plug-in units" at 1,000 locations. Just a few days ...

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    NRG Energy launches nation's 1st commercial-scale V2G project

    The "cashback car" is one step closer to reality. Headquartered in New Jersey, NRG Energy, generator of electricity for nearly 20 million U.S. homes, is going to partner with the University of Delaware on a vehicle-to-grid scheme that will supposedly become the U.S.' first commercial-scale V2G ...

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    Texas gets its first public-use Level 3 charger

    Utility company NRG Energy is joining forces with AeroVironment, General Electric and Siemens to expand its privately funded eVgo charging network across several major cities in Texas. The eVgo program, which NRG describes as "an integrated network of charging products, services and payment plans ...


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