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    Report: Toyota Prius gets most online love among green vehicles

    Now if only someone could turn social-media mentions into cold, hard cash. That's what the folks at Toyota may be saying after a report revealed that the Prius gets the most media dollar value – by far – out of any hybrid or plug-in vehicle from social media networks, according to ...

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    Official: Motor Trend giving away Tesla Model S.... sorta

    Our initial response to Motor Trend saying it was "giving away" a Tesla Model S, was "we'll take it." Alas, it's only a simulated version. The publication, which last November named the all-electric luxury sedan its Car of the Year, is hooking up with social-networking game Car Town by offering ...

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    Toyota Fun Vii rainbow concept pops up on Facebook, has wireless charging

    Without much fanfare, Toyota recently updated its Facebook cover photo with the odd-looking, rainbow-colored vehicle (is that the right word here?) you see above. It took us a little while to realize that this bright, playful thing is the Fun-Vii concept that was first shown off at the Tokyo ...

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    Official: Hondalink EV is new cloud-based infotainment, charging system for Fit EV, Accord Plug-In [w/video]

    Honda let the cat officially out of the bag today, revealing details about its new HondaLink infotainment system that will be featured in the new 2013 Accord. The new midsize sedan doesn't launch until the fall, but the Japanese automaker is clearly eager to start building momentum for its ...

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    Report: Ford: Focus Electric's ads going online because EVs not yet ready for prime time

    Sometimes, things just can't find a home on "regular" TV. Just ask Saturday Night Live's Not Ready for Prime Time players – or the Ford Focus Electric. Turns out, Ford will spend about a tenth of what it usually spends on new-model launches on the all-electric Focus and will shoot for a ...

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    Ford using Facebook as Focus Electric soundboard

    Electric vehicle can't be silent. So says the U.S. House and Senate and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). To please the powers-that-be in Washington, D.C., Ford turned to Facebook with hopes of gauging public opinion on what sound is most fitting for its upcoming Focus ...

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    Mitsubishi turns to Facebook to promote electric i

    What's the logical way to advertise an egg-shaped, rather odd-looking electric vehicle on a tight budget? On Facebook, of course. For Mitsubishi Motors' bargain-priced electric i, social media sites are ideal to spread the word. Greg Adams, Mitsubishi's vice-president of marketing and product ...

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    What should Ford's new Focus EV sound like?

    Ford will soon roll-out its all-new Focus EV, and the silent electric sedan will be available in 14 select markets. Before the car makes it that far, however, Ford could be changing that "silent" part. The automaker has posted a few soundbites on its Facebook page, with the hopes of gauging ...

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    New York 2011: Facebook Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid is easy to 'Like'

    To commemorate its social media milestone of surpassing one million fans on Facebook, Porsche has created this special edition of the 911 GT3 R Hybrid complete with the signatures of over 27,000 Porsche fans. The car makes its North American debut this week at the New York Auto Show before it ...

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    Ford launches Electrified Vehicle Facebook page, promises bigger and better things

    Recently, Ford launched a Facebook page dedicated to its electrified vehicle technologies. Fans of Ford's page can access videos, photos, polls, announcements and direct questions to the team of engineers working on the automaker's five electrified vehicles. One example of the social network ...

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    Porsche celebrates millionth Facebook fan with special 911 GT3 R Hybrid

    Facebook Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Porsche is celebrating a unique social-media milestone with a custom 911 GT3 R Hybrid. The company recently surpassed 1 million fans on Facebook, and to mark the occasion, designers have churned out a hybrid 911 ...

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    Revenge of the Electric Car trailer will be released today. Or maybe later.

    Want to see the first moving images from "Revenge of the Electric Car"? You can mark your calendars for this occasion and the day to circle is ... who knows? Not even the film's producers could tell you when the trailer will be made public, because they've decided to leave that up to the fans. ...

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    Toyota asking you where Prius' Tenth Birthday party will be

    Toyota has picked the finalists in its contest find a host for the Prius' tenth birthday party; now it's your turn to pick the winner. Interested people have until next Friday to head over to to check out the entries and cast votes to determine who will get to have Outstanding ...

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    Ford Fusion app on Facebook: not a hit

    Even though reviews have been kind to the Ford Fusion hybrid IRL, the car's Facebook presence isn't getting the same kind of love. A new Facebook application called "You Speak Green" is currently rated at just 1.2 out of 5 stars by the people who have used it so far. One reviewer writes, "Sneaky ...

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    Audi's Johan de Nysschen responds to Volt for idiots story

    Audi of America president Johan de Nysschen has issued a public response to the firestorm he created yesterday when he reportedly told a member of the media that the Chevrolet Volt is "a car for idiots." Anyone who has met de Nysschen in person knows he is not one to mince words. He (and Audi) ...

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    Chevrolet VoltAge mashes up tweets/blogs/web2.0 into one site [w/VIDEO]

    Chevrolet Volt prototype in white - Click above to watch the video after the break
    Facebook just wasn't enough, apparently. General Motors has unveiled a new social media site dedicated to the Chevrolet Volt. Called VoltAge, the site brings together all sorts of Volt-friendly, GM-approved social ...

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    Need a friend? Find the Chevy Volt on Facebook

    Using Facebook to promote your cause (or yourself) isn't exactly bleeding edge, but it certainly is de rigueur to have a FB page. Audi uses the site to help the Nature Conservancy, and there are ecodriving pages for Zimride and EcoSharing. Lo and behold, the Chevy Volt can indeed be befriended on ...

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    Mitsubishi iMiEV New Zealand tour 'Tubed and Twittered

    Click above and scroll down to watch the video
    As we informed you last week, Mitsubishi and Meridian Energy have brought the iMiEV to New Zealand to introduce Middle Earth to the electric car concept. To help with that outreach, they have an expanded web presence that includes a microsite, a ...

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    Peugeot launches EcoSharing, a new Facebook car sharing app

    Using the Internet to share a ride is not new at all and we've found another system to help you share a car if you use Facebook. There's a new Facebook application developed by Peugeot called EcoSharing and it allows Facebook users to get in touch to share a ride, either by offering a seat on a car ...

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    Carpooling online: will Facebook app make Zimride work?

    There is no shortage of online carpooling or rideshare websites -PickupPal, Ridester, 511 Rideshare, to name just three. What might set the new "carpool community" Zimride apart is a tie-in with Facebook (it's also a Facebook app) that will give users an easy way to find out a thing or two about ...


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