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farm bill

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    Official: Marijuana and biodiesel, a match made in green heaven?

    And now for something completely different. That would be from our friends at Extreme Biodiesel, which is in escrow to buy 40 acres of farmland in California. The reason? It wants to cultivate hemp specifically for the conversion to biodiesel. Tailpipe emissions have never been as sweet. The ...

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    American sugar farmers become players in ethanol

    The Midwest is the new Middle East. We have talked about farming before and even mentioned how the farm bill helped ethanol to the tune of billions. In 2008, sugar farmers become players in ethanol. Here is the long, complicated story. First, sugar as an ethanol feedstock in America. You might have ...

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    Congressional farm bill makes us fat and use the wrong fuels

    The US government gives out $25 billion a year in agricultural subsidies through a farm bill that is renewed every five years including this one. Way back in the dawn of time, the original intent of these subsidies was to ensure that farmers could get at least a minimum price for their crops so ...


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