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    Report: EPA denies ethanol waiver requested by governors and farm groups

    Ten governors and a coalition of farm groups were upset on Friday to see the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) deny requests that corn production requirements be waived. While corn farmers were likely glad to see the ruling, farmers in the poultry, hog and cattle industries were not. They're ...

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    Canada to subsidize farmers to participate in biodiesel plant

    The Canadian Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry announced a $638,599 subsidy to build a new biodiesel plant in Alberta that will cost 8 million dollars (Canadian). This aid more than doubles the 275,000 dollars Canadian farmers were already investing in the plant. This subsidy is set in the ...

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    American sugar farmers become players in ethanol

    The Midwest is the new Middle East. We have talked about farming before and even mentioned how the farm bill helped ethanol to the tune of billions. In 2008, sugar farmers become players in ethanol. Here is the long, complicated story. First, sugar as an ethanol feedstock in America. You might have ...

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    Insurance companies steadily rolling out green machine discounts

    In a recent press release, Travelers Insurance company announced that New Jersey is the latest state to receive their 10 percent discount for customers who own a hybrid vehicle. Now at 39 states, Travelers is also offering a central website for those who are considering a hybrid to learn about ...

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    U.S. sugar tariffs may prove saving grace to South American corn growers

    As Autoblog Green has previously reported, U.S. tariffs on sugar has effectively barred Brazil and other nations with their less expensive and more efficient sugar-based ethanol from competing in the U.S., giving American corn and soy growers the lion's share of the market. But according to the ...

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    Ohio's biodiesel harvest

    Sibling blog Blogging Ohio provided no less than three news pieces on our favorite topic, biodiesel. The first covers the ASAlliance Biofuels company as it continues its progress to build a $120 million ethanol plant in Bloomingburg. After a permit hearing later this month, construction of the new ...

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    Midwest farmers and E85, a symbiotic relationship

    Farmers in the American Midwest have a responsibility to grow produce. For years they've been turning out millions of pounds of corn and soybeans and wheat. Today, of course, they also play a key role in the production of much of the ethanol produced in this country. And, as this article in Motor ...

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    Ethanol eating up 20 percent of American corn

    Next year, twenty percent of the corn grown in the United States will be turned into ethanol, according to this article from Reuters. The increase in ethanol production (ethanol will take 2.15 billion bushels of this year's corn crop as opposed to 1.6 billion bushels from last year) will also drive ...


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