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federal loans

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    Report: Ecotality could face new lawsuits over charger, loan issues

    Investors have had enough of Ecotality, Inc., and are taking legal action. The Rosen Law Firm, PA, has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Ecotality stockholders in New York and the Law Offices of Howard G. Smith, based in Bensalem, PA, is investigating potential claims on behalf of purchasers of ...

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    Report: Musk vows to repay Tesla's federal loans in five years, not ten

    Tesla Chief Elon Musk says his company will repay its US Department of Energy loans within five years, Automotive News reports. That's way, way ahead of the 10-year deadline the electric-vehicle maker was originally given to pay back the $465-million loan it got from the feds. Musk says ...

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    Report: Tesla might start repaying federal loan early, still has $33m to draw

    Alongside the positive news in the recent shareholder call that Tesla Motors held recently, there is this bit of news that will help us understand the company's financial picture: the company confirmed that the first Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing program loan payment is due in ...

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    Official: Bright Automotive says it's ready to heed Obama's call for more jobs, just needs its loan approved

    Bright Automotive Chief Operating Officer Mike Donoughe invoked President Barack Obama's recent call for U.S. companies to create American jobs while developing alternative energy sources for transportation by requesting that Congress speed up the company's federal loan process. The company, which ...

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    Senate approves spending bill that includes $25B in auto loans

    The U.S. Senate on Saturday passed a continuing resolution that keeps funding federal government operations at current levels for several more months and also includes funding for low interest loans for U.S. automakers. The bill is expected to be signed by president Bush by Tuesday when the current ...

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    VIDEO: McCain ad tries to pander to all sides simultaneously

    The John McCain presidential campaign has started running a new TV ad in Michigan that simultaneously tries to pander to everyone. Earlier this year, while campaigning in the primaries, he told voters in Michigan and Ohio that "those (manufacturing) jobs aren't coming back." In that bygone era of ...


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