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    Report: Marchionne: We're only making Fiat 500 EV because California's forcing us

    It's a near-endless tale, the story of the all-electric Fiat 500. Whether you're looking back at 2010, 2011 or earlier in 2012, there's been reports and claims and stories. Today, there's more. Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne recently spoke to the media about his companies' fuel-efficiency ...

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    Report: Fiat still working on 500 EV; could have slight external changes

    The Fiat 500 has been a popular vehicle to convert to electric drive – so much so that even the recently deceased Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi had one (see also here and here) – but an official 500 EV has been nothing but auto show reveals and secret tests and that's about it for the ...

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    Report: Libyan rebels claim Gaddafi's all-electric Fiat 500 as prize

    Libyan leader (ex-leader?) Muammar Qaddafi apparently had some unusual items in his personal collection. Rebel forces stormed his compound this week, and we now know he had a scrapbook dedicated to former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, lots of weapons and, oddly, a doorless, all-electric ...

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    Old Fiat plant in Italy could be retooled to make Reva electric vehicles

    Reva NXG – Click above for high-res image gallery
    So, Reva says that it can make a profit from factories that make just 5,000 electric cars a year. The Indian automaker is trying to open a plant near Syracuse, NY and now we have word that Fiat's Termini Imerese plant in Sicily, Italy ...

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    Fiat Palio EVs to be tested in Brazil

    Brazilian electric utility Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais (Cemig) is teaming up with Fiat to build a test fleet of battery-powered Fiat Palios. They will be building thirty of the cars powered by batteries from Swiss manufacturer KWO to start with at a price of $36,000. If the project works ...

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    Electric Fiat Panda conversions available in Europe?

    The Fiat Panda 1.3 was named to the top ten list of the United Kingdom's Environmental Transport Association annual awards of Britain's greenest cars back in March. If the information collected by the forum-users at the G-Wiz Owner's Club is correct, this diminutive car might soon be even cleaner, ...


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