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fiat multiair

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    Fiat debuts two-cylinder, 85 hp TwinAir engine in Fiat 500

    Fiat's two-cylinder, 85 hp TwinAir engine
    Drop a couple of cylinders, add start-stop technology, slap a turbo on, drop it in the Fiat 500 and call it a day. That's exactly what Fiat Powertrain Technologies has done with its newly-introduced two-cylinder TwinAir 85-horsepower engine. The engine ...

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    Fiat's 1.4-liter turbocharged Multiair powerplant wins "Best New Engine of 2010" award

    We've discussed Fiat's revolutionary MultiAir technology before and admit it's simply a shame that it's unavailable in the U.S. right now. As we eagerly await its arrival in several upcoming models, we'll tease you by dishing out more gushing prose about the benefits of Fiat's MultiAir technology. ...

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    Report: Fiat MultiAir technology coming to Chrysler engines

    Fiat's MultiAir technology is quite the breakthrough, even though few stories point out just how remarkable this technology really is. Let's see here: there's a 20 to 30 percent increase in fuel economy on top of a 10 percent increase in power and no downsides like turbo lag, huge cost increases ...

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    Fiat: all automakers will eventually adopt efficiency-boosting MultiAir technology

    Fiat is widely recognized for its achievements in several automotive-related technologies. The company is credited as the creator of the common rail diesel engine, which is employed by virtually all automakers now, and they are credited with the automated manual transmission, also in widespread ...

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    Chrysler announces $179 million investment in Dundee plant to build Fiat Multiair engines

    In a none-too-shocking announcement, Chrysler has said it will invest $179 million to convert its engine plant in Dundee, Michigan, from building the so-called World Engine to Fiat's 1.4-liter Fully Integrated Robotized Engine. Back in September, Chrysler bought out its former partners Hyundai ...

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    REPORT: Fiat's fuel-saving Multi-air tech could come to Chrysler

    Fiat's advanced Multiair technology could be an easy port to Chrysler's powertrains as the companies move ahead together. "It is low-invasive hardware" said Lucio Bernard of Fiat Powertrain Technologies, the division of the Italian automotive conglomerate tasked with developing the parts that make ...

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    Geneva 2009: Fiat unveils new Multiair engine line

    Fiat's not planning to give up its title as the lowest CO2-producing line in Europe any time soon. While diesel engines remain the best choice when carbon emissions are the main concern, the Italian automaker has invested plenty of research and development into its Multiair technology for gasoline ...

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    Fiat and Alfa Romeo to introduce new engine line in Geneva

    The biggest news of the year so far has been the proposed strategic global alliance between Chrysler and Fiat, two automakers that have drastically differing lines spread across drastically different markets. Certainly, that deal with the American automaker isn't all that Fiat has going on, and the ...


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