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fifth gear

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    Official: Renault Kangoo van named 'Electric Vehicle of the Year,' has sold 11,000 units

    The vehicle may be a little funny looking (at least to some of us), but Renault is seriously celebrating both the sales and accolades of its all-electric Kangoo Z.E. utility van. The French automaker says the Kangoo retained the title of "Electric Vehicle of the Year" in the annual GreenFleet ...

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    Video: Fifth Gear takes a crack at the Honda CR-Z

    Fifth Gear road tests the 2010 Honda CR-Z – click above to watch the video
    So far in early drives of the new 2010 CR-Z hybrid coupe, Honda's latest has been getting decidedly mediocre to middling reviews. It's not really quick enough to be a proper sports car and not efficient enough to be ...

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    VIDEO: Toyota iQ gets tested by the other British car show

    Toyota created its new iQ with the intention that it be smarter than a Smart ForTwo. Unlike the Daimler-made micro car, the iQ has room for more than two passengers. The crew at the British car show that doesn't feature Jeremy Clarkson sampled the iQ and found it quite impressive. With its 1.0L ...

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    Fifth Gear become "alcoholics" running "Crop Circles" in E85 Lotus Exige

    The Lotus Exige is already one of the coolest high-performance cars around. One could argue that, at least as far as supercars go, this one is pretty green. The whole idea behind the Lotus Exige, and the Elise, is that very high performance can be achieved with smaller engines if the weight is ...


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