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    Helsinki could make owning your own car a thing of the past
    One Account Would Access Carsharing, Public Transport, More 1409262240

    Helsinki, Finland is no stranger to transportation alternatives. From EV testing to a solid public transportation system, the northern European city knows that private cars are not the only option to get around. In the future, though, private cars might not be a logical option at anyone living ...

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    Official: Biofore concept car is a plant-laden, sustainable ride

    Old-school surfers have a special place in their heart for the classic paneled station wagons affectionately referred to as "woodies." Now, some folks in Finland are looking to put a new spin on the term with what it says will be the ultimate "green" vehicle. Metropolia University of Applied ...

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    Official: Scarlet Motors collaborates with Helsinki's Electric RaceAbout team

    Frankly, Scarlet, we do give a damn. A new Finnish electric vehicle company called Scarlet has reached a deal with Helsinki's Metropolia University of Applied Science to collaborate on powertrain advancements for Scarlet's sports car. Scarlet was interested in Metropolia's work on the ...

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    Official: Finland-built electric car reaches 156 miles per hour on ice

    If a car screams across a sheet of ice at such a high speed that the ice is being melted to water, is the car really driving on ice? We'll let everyone ponder that philosophical question as we report that the world's fastest-ever speed by a electric car on ice was reached this ...

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    Fisker's latest Karma problems? Vehicles stuck at sea *UPDATE

    How many ways can a car be delayed? For the Fisker Karma, the answer is: a lot. Following all sorts of problems in getting the luxury plug-in hybrid to market (to say nothing of the price increases and the two insta-recalls), Fisker's latest problem is, apparently, having finished vehicles that ...

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    Neste Oil Rally Finland fueled by NExBTL 100 Green biodiesel

    When the World Rally Championship rolled into Finland at the end of July for the 2011 Neste Oil Rally Finland, some 29 of the 124 vehicles entered in the tail-out, gravel-throwing event were fueled by Neste Oil's NExBTL renewable diesel. Running solely on Neste Green 100 diesel, Neste says the ...

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    Report: Gas prices in Finland to soar above $9 per gallon

    Us Americans typically complain when gasoline prices begin to rise, but at the current U.S. average of $3.09 per gallon, fuel here is a raging bargain. At least, it is if you compare to what drivers pay over in Finland. Even though some reports suggest gas will go over $5 a gallon in the U.S. in ...

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    Finland hopes to build world's first carbon-neutral green highway

    While it's easy for us to suggest that the car-buying public should adopt cleaner, alternative-fuel vehicles, the fact that a supporting infrastructure for many of these new technologies does not yet exist makes widespread adoption uncertain. Finland hopes to change the infrastructure-free trend ...

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    Finnish company Pegasor introduces real-time particulate sensor for diesel engines

    Biodiesel is still in limbo here in the U.S., but even if we never return to large scale production, at least diesel vehicles can continue to get cleaner on their own. The latest example of cleaner diesel tech news comes from Finland, where Pegasor Ltd. has introduced a new, compact, continuously ...

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    eCorolla to debut at Finnish Electric Motor Show [w/VIDEO]

    eCars Now! eCorolla - Click above to watch the videos after the jump
    The Electric Motor Show kicks off in Helsinki, Finland on the 6th of November and making its proud world debut will be the eCorolla. Just as you might expect from the name, the "eToyota" is an electric conversion of a regular ...

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    Finland is the place where the Mitsubishi iMiEV wants to be

    Click above for a gallery of the iMiEV
    Finland, Finland, Finland. The place the iMiEV wants to be. According to a press release put out by Vemic Auto Co. (and translated/condensed for us by reader Antti), the all-electric jelly bean will be tested by Vemic Auto, the local Mitsubishi importer, this ...

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    Fisker and Valmet finalize Finnish production deal

    While Tesla Motors has been scrambling just to stay solvent in recent weeks, arch-rival Fisker Automotive seems to be streaming ahead. Fisker just opened a Michigan engineering facility a few days ago and the startup has now finalized its deal to manufacture the Karma in Finland. Valmet Automotive ...

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    Espoo, Finland gets an EV recharging network starting now

    Future EV recharging networks? Plenty of them. Networks being built right now? Not that many. But thanks to our reader Antti, we found out that Finland's second largest city, Espoo, and the Fortum utility company are building an EV recharging network. Fortum also worked on the network in Stockholm, ...

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    Finnish project aims to create open source electric car conversions

    A project in Finland is aiming to use the power of open-source to gather a critical mass of people interested in converting cars to electric power. The idea is get enough people who are interested in doing the project so that the cost can be brought down to a point where it becomes affordable. ...

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    How to rent a smart on the cheap in Helsinki: sell yourself

    Everywhere you go, you are bombarded by advertisements. It's true when you're watching TV, surfing the internet and even while you're driving. We've all gotten used to seeing billboards on the side of the road, and nobody thinks twice about hearing commercials on the radio - some even pay extra to ...

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    France introduces CO2 tax and rebate system for new cars

    France and FInland have just introduced new systems of taxes and rebates for consumers that are based upon the CO2 emissions of the new cars that they buy. The systems will be similar to the ecoAuto program the Canadian government introduced earlier in 2007 where vehicles that have gasoline ...

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    Neste Oil starts construction of the biggest biodiesel manufacturing plant of the world in Singapore

    Finnish oil company Neste has started preparing to build what they are claiming will be the biggest biodiesel production facility in the world in Singapore. The company has invested about 550 million EUR (about $800 million US) in a plant that will be able to produce about 800,000 tons of biodiesel ...

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    Neste's new NExBTL solves many biodiesel issues

    Finnish oil refiner and marketer Neste Oil Corporation announced it has developed a biodiesel manufacturing process whose output solves many of biodiesel's traditional problems. Called "next generation biomass to liquid" or NExBTL, the resulting biodiesel can not only be made from animal fat or ...


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