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fisker sunset

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    Official: The New Fisker website goes live, says Karma warranties limited to $2,000

    If there's any question where Wanxiang hopes to take the remains of Fisker Automotive, just take a look at The New Fisker, a fresh official website for the bankrupt automaker. While the text available there hedges about just when and how the company will restart production, it is clear from the ...

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    Official: Fisker delaying Surf, Sunset models, unless you've got the cash...

    Remember when Fisker Automotive denied that the Surf – the wagon version of the Karma – was delayed? Yeah, you can forget that, apparently. A reader named Dennis posted this to the Fisker Buzz forums – "I was told that Fisker is willing to build Surfs one-off for anyone willing ...

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    Chicago 2010: Fisker Sunset shows up in black

    Fisker Sunset in black – Click above for high-res image gallery
    While walking the hallways at the Chicago Auto Show looking for interesting things to write about, we stumbled upon the Fisker booth and found a pair of extended-range plug-in hybrids to point our DSLR lenses at. We were ...

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    Detroit 2009: Fisker Karma S hardtop convertible unleashed

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Fisker Karma S
    We came, we saw, we Karma'd. The Fisker Karma S concept convertible was unveiled this afternoon (after being very veiled earlier) and we like what we see. The new hardtop convertible shares the mustachioed front and four seats with its ...

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    Fisker set to debut new Karma S "Sunset" concept in Detroit

    Click above to enlarge the Fisker Sunset concept
    Something new from Fisker? Color us intrigued, especially after taking a gander at the lone teaser shot that's been released. We already know that the production version of the Karma plug-in hybrid sedan will be debuting at the Detroit Auto Show, ...


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