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    Official: Zap returning to US with 1,000 EV fleet conversion deal

    Electric-vehicle maker Zap is ready to make its big US splash. No, really. And the China-based company has some muscle behind it from Tianjin Battery Company Ltd., also known as Lishen. Lishen reached an agreement to finance "several thousand" electric-vehicle conversions in the US so that Zap ...

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    Official: Mia Electric microbus goes on sale in UK this summer for $26,675

    The Mia Electric three-seat minibus will debut in the UK this summer, and the cool thing is that the seats won't need to be switched for right-hand drive. The made-in-France Mia, which debuted in 2010 and began service in a car-sharing program in France's Poitou-Charentes last year, will be ...

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    Report: BYD e6 EV will be sold in the US only to fleet buyers

    It looks like those long curious to ride in a BYD battery-electric car in the US will only be able to do so from the back of a cab. The China-based company, which has for years been trumpeting a potential entry into the US light-vehicle market with the all-electric e6 sedan, will only sell the EV ...

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    Report: Federal green car fleet buys more Hyundai hybrids as overall number goes down

    The Obama administration made a big deal about how it had a long-term plan to green up the federal vehicle fleet back in early 2011. Even with that big target, the overall number of hybrids is going down. And, after spending time buying fuel-efficient US cars, the Obama administration has been ...

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    Report: DC-area taxi company wants to go all-electric with Nissan Leaf fleet

    This probably isn't Mr. T's idea of a DC cab, but we'll forgo the not-so-classic 1983 flick and celebrate. A Washington, DC-area taxicab operator is planning to have an all-electric fleet of cabs by ordering about 40 Nissan Leaf vehicles, Zeenews reports. Electric Vehicle Taxicab Company, which ...

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    Official: California gets rid of 7,112 "non-essential" vehicles

    California car culture? Bleh! That's what a bunch of California state employees may be saying after a bunch of them just lost use of state-owned, state-fueled vehicles as part of the cash-strapped state's effort to cut costs. Gov. Jerry Brown this week threw the hammer down, cutting the state's ...

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    Houston hires Zipcar to bring in EV car sharing with FastFleet

    Zipcar, is bringing electric vehicle car sharing to another city – this time to the City of Houston, through a new program called Houston Fleet Share. In Houston Fleet Share, 50 existing city-owned fleet vehicles – including 25 Nissan Leaf EVs – will be outfitted with Zipcar's ...

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    Official: GM will launch Volt demonstration fleet in China this month

    There's nothing like the world's most populous country to jump-start lagging vehicle sales. General Motors will launch a demonstration fleet of Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in vehicles in China this month after the automaker's China division reached an agreement with the China Automotive ...

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    Report: Could plug-in vehicles save the U.S. Postal Service?

    With the United States Postal Service facing financial woes, Infrastructurist claims to have found a plugged-in solution that will keep the centuries-old, Constitution-formed government agency alive and kicking: four tips that, if successful, would make Benjamin Franklin* proud. Here's an ...

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    Number of alternative fuel vehicles in U.S. fleets up 7% in 2009

    Slowly but surely, the number of vehicles in America that can burn something other than just gasoline is growing. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that the number of alternative fuel vehicles in U.S. fleets in 2009 was 826,318, up approximately 7 percent from 2008. Why ...

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    UPS fleet of alternative fuel vehicles clocks over 200 million miles

    On Thursday, package delivery company United Parcel Service (UPS) released its annual Sustainability Report (PDF). The exhaustive 107-page report shows that significant progress has been made in UPS' efforts to use technology that minimizes miles driven and reduce total fuel consumption. Crucial ...

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    Obama issues Presidential Memorandum for federal fleet performance

    Yesterday, along with announcing his administration would buy over 100 plug-in vehicles, Barack Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum outlining federal fleet performance. More specifically, the Memorandum details exactly how the government's fleet of 600,000 vehicles will be altered to ...

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    Volatile fuel prices top concern for fleet managers; 28% to add plug-in vehicles within 12 months

    Corporate fleet managers rated volatile fuel prices as their top concern for 2011, according to a survey conducted by General Electric Capital Fleet Services. The survey of 105 fleet managers found that driver safety and overall cost savings do matter. However, both are considered to be less of a ...

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    U.S. government fleet jumps to 23.4 mpg average thanks to fuel-efficient vehicles

    The General Services Administration (GSA), which oversees two-thirds of the 600,000-plus vehicles in the U.S. government's fleet, is looking to save millions of dollars per year at the pump by bolstering its use of fuel-efficient vehicles. The 35,000 vehicles ordered by the GSA so far in 2011 ...

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    Electrification Coalition releases Fleet Electrification Roadmap, shows how to get to 200,000 plug-ins by 2015

    The Electrification Coalition, formed in 2009, is a group of business leaders passionately advocating for the adoption of electric vehicles on a mass scale in order to avoid the pitfalls of our dependence on oil. On November 15, it released its Fleet Electrification Roadmap, a detailed report ...

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    FedEx adds 4 more BEVs to its already green delivery fleet

    Two of the largest parcel delivery fleets in the U.S. have been competing neck and neck in a race to become the greenest in the land. Both Federal Express (FedEx) and United Parcel Service (UPS) have delved into alternative energy vehicles for daily delivery use. In the latest skirmish to become ...

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    CitroŽn launches Airdream Business label

    It's common knowledge that most carmakers selling cars in Europe have a set of models that are a little "greener" than the rest of the line-up. Each OEM's respective marketing department created a set of evocative names for these models, like Citroën's Airdream. Now, Citroën has taken the ...

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    Volvo trucks offers Fuelwatch to help reducing fuel costs up to 10 percent

    Electronic fleet management is becoming a useful resource for operators keeping an eye on operational costs. Probably, the most important part of these systems is monitoring fuel consumption for all vehicles: it can point out which vehicles are burning more fuel than average and drivers who have a ...

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    Volkswagen supplies 5,000 "green cars" for the Beijing Olympics

    Click above for complete galleryThe Beijing Olympics will have a complete fleet of 5,000 "green cars" by Volkswagen, which is an official sponsor. The chosen models are the Magotan 2.0 TDI (6.2 l/100) and Magotan BlueMotion (5.1 l/100), the Sagitar 1.4 TSI (6.4 l/100), the Touran EcoFuel (bifuel ...

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    San Francisco Mayor plugs in 3 PHEVs, makes a "soft" order for 250 more

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom made sure everyone knew the three converted plug-in hybrids that are now a part of the municipal fleet were PHEVs by plugging them in at a ceremony on Thursday. San Francisco's new PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) were converted by Pat's Garage with funding ...


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