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flying car

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    Report: This awesome Terrafugia electric vehicle will fly, someday [w/video]

    We're trying to figure out how the term "range anxiety" will apply to the Terrafugia TF-X flying car. Is it going to be applicable to the pilot or to others in the sky? The reason we ask is because the vehicle is a plug-in hybrid, so those batteries better well be charged up. But, according to ...

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    Terrafugia Transition gets 35 mpg highway, 20 mpg flyway [w/video]

    The Terrafugia Transition stands out from all the other vehicles on display at the New York Auto Show, not because it's the prettiest, or even the fastest. It is neither. It is, however, the only piece of road-going machinery in the Jacob Javits Center sporting a propeller and a pair of wings. ...

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    Burt Rutan designs hybrid flying car

    There have been a lot of tries at making a functional flying car over the years, but things haven't really gotten off the ground yet, considering we aren't all bopping from place to place like George Jetson. Burt Rutan from Scaled Composites has taken a new stab at a workable flying car with the ...

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    VIDEO: Fuel-sipping flying car flies!

    Click above and scroll down to watch the video
    It may have been a few months behind schedule but the Terrafugia Transition® has officially taken to the skies and, perhaps more importantly, safely landed. In the competent hands of retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Phil Meteer, the roadable ...

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    Another flying vehicle, this time a motorcycle

    Click above to enlarge the SkyBike rendering, click here to watch a video
    It seems that a new flying vehicle pops up every few months these days. Most recently, we've taken a look at the Biofueled Skycar and the flying Ferrari from longtime flying car proponent Moller. Now we have the SkyBike, ...

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    Moller desings flying hybrid car, don't hold your breath waiting for it

    Above: One of Paul Moller's past projects, a flying hovercraftMoller has designed another car which will never, ever see the light of day. This time, it's a hybrid flying car which uses both gas and electric power for its eight fans, which would theoretically provide liftoff. Moller claims that ...

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    Larry Neal creates the Super Sky Cycle, a registered flying motorcycle - with video

    Flying cars, the dream of many a crack inventor, have never really gotten off the ground (hee hee). Sure, there have been a few that have actually been produced and offered to the public, but none has ever been even close to what most would consider a success. So, Larry Neal, a maker of kit ...

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    A new flying car could be in your future. Queue Jetsons music...

    OK, I wasn't really alive for the Curtiss Autoplane, the Waterman Aeromobile, or the Aerocar, but I can still not imagine a time when a flying car will really take off (pun intended. I know, not great but I do try). I know some have been built already, but they have never been popular. A company ...


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