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ford c-max

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    Report: Ford decides C-Max shoppers not interested in fuel economy

    If you say a car – the Ford C-Max Hybrid, for example – is "fun to drive," can anyone really come up with some empirical evidence against your claim? What about calling it "versatile"? We wonder if Ford has been thinking along these lines when it talks about the green little ...

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    Report: Ford's first PHEV in Europe could be C-Max
    VW, Mitsubishi, Toyota Already Selling Plug-In Hybrids In EU 1413556080

    Ford could start selling a plug-in hybrid in Europe pretty soon, according to at least one of its executives. Whether it's willing to do so is another story. But if the market perks up, so will the company. The automaker can "quickly" develop a plug-in hybrid version of its Mondeo, the sister ...

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    Report: Ford not backing down on MPG-based marketing strategy
    EcoBoost, Hybrids Will Still Be Highlighted In Future Ads 1403737080

    The Blue Oval may have to back off a bit from the green messaging. Ford has had to lower fuel-economy ratings on a number of 2013 and 2014 model-year vehicles, namely its hybrids. And that may force the US automaker to rethink some of its marketing strategy, Automotive News reports. Ford has ...

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    Video: Ford C-Max spot aimed squarely at Cadillac ELR 'Poolside' hubris [UPDATE]

    If we had tried to predict the first video response to the controversial Poolside video for the Cadillac ELR, we would not have thought it would center on compost. But, hey, it's always nice to be reminded that the real world is sometimes better than fiction. Instead of the chic swagger of ...

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    Official: Ford hit with another lawsuit over C-Max, Fusion Hybrid mpg claims

    Ford is waiting to see if it will be facing several class action lawsuits over its mileage ratings - three of which were filed in late April. Suits filed in federal courthouses in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and California claim Ford is overstating the average mileage ratings for its 2013 Ford ...

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    Report: Ford will pass its own annual hybrid record seven months early

    What used to take Ford a year now takes less than five months. The automaker continues to expand its stable of hybrid-electric and plug-in vehicle models, and that's one reason why the company is about to pass its previous annual hybrid-sales record this month, Bloomberg News says. Through the ...

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    Ford offering app developers $50k reward for achieving better fuel economy

    Ford may be the first to open up both its hardware and software platforms to outsiders. Ford Motor Co., stung in recent months over complaints that some of its hybrids are achieving fuel economy well below the advertised miles-per-gallon, said today it is opening up its vehicle architecture ...

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    Report: Ford Fusion Energi qualifies for California HOV lane access

    The approval of the Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid for California carpool lanes puts the Blue Oval into the winner's circle; tied with Toyota for the most fuel-efficient models approved for use in the Golden State's HOV lanes. To qualify for the high occupancy program, a vehicle must be ...

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    Read This: Ford C-Max Hybrid falls well short in careful CleanMPG economy test, beat by Toyota Prius V

    The grain of salt one should take this post with is that Wayne Gerdes is just one man, and that his personal test results may not be applicable to everyone. Still, Gerdes is well-known in the green car community – his Guinness World Record for lowest fuel consumption in a hybrid and his ...

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    Official: Ford's January hybrid sales quadruple from 2012, younger buyers show interest

    The Toyota Camry Hybrid cuts an unassuming enough figure. To Ford, though, the popular model from the world's biggest hybrid-vehicle maker is basically Goliath, and the US automaker says it's taking a good shot at it. Ford says its December 2012 share of US hybrids jumped almost nine percentage ...

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    By The Numbers: December alt-fuel sales solid with strong Ford C-Max, Nissan Leaf demand

    December 2012 alt-fuel vehicle sales continued to trend well ahead of 2011 figures and pushed 2012's sales of hybrids, diesels and plug-ins past the half-million vehicle threshold. Plug-in vehicle sales totaled 6,769 units for December, which was more than twice as high as a year earlier and just ...

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    Report: Ford dealt class-action lawsuit over C-Max, Fusion hybrid mileage claims

    Ford may be clearly stating that it is not discussing any particular models with the Environmental Protection Agency as an official investigation continues, but that isn't stopping the people from filing a federal class action lawsuit against the automaker over mileage claims for the C-Max and ...

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    Official: Ford C-Max breaks hybrid launch sales record

    For October and November, the all-new Ford C-Max sold 8,030 units, making it the highest-selling hybrid vehicle ever in the first two months. The sales significantly surpassed the 7,300 Camry Hybrids that Toyota sold in that car's first two months on the market, back in May and June of 2006. Ford ...

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    Report: Ford, EPA now discussing low MPG numbers for C-Max, Fusion hybrids *UPDATE

    It looks like Ford has some 'splainin' to do to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after two of its new hybrids came up short of the company's fuel-economy claims in an independent Consumer Reports test, Bloomberg News reports. Ford's Fusion and C-Max Hybrids came up about 20 percent ...

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    Ford C-Max Energi gains access to New York HOV lanes

    When car owners brag about buying a plug-in electric vehicle, it's not unusual to hear them mention high occupancy vehicle (HOV) carpool lane stickers as one of the key perks. Thus, it wasn't surprising to see Ford issue a press release saying New York car buyers can now get carpool lane stickers ...

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    Exclusive: The Electrification of Detroit: A look Ford C-Max Energi, GM's EV efforts

    It was lucky for me that GM's recent media forum on its electrification efforts was in San Francisco, since I would already be there for the press launch for the Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid. And GM promised a session with its new global product guru, Mary Barra, and a brief drive of a ...

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    Official: GE buys 2,000 Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrids

    Who says being first to the party is all that and a bag of chips? Ford has announced a new deal where GE will buy 2,000 C-Max Energi Plug-In Hybrids, which is cool, but it's not the only batch of plug-ins that GE is interested in. The company previously made deals with both Nissan and GM. GE has ...

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    Video: Motor Trend pits the Toyota Prius V against the Ford C-Max, has fun

    The Toyota Prius has pretty much ruled the hybrid roost since popularizing the super-efficient market segment over the last decade, but that doesn't mean other automakers aren't trying to catch up. Ford, in particular, has been dabbling with gas/electric drivetrains for some time – think ...

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    Official: Ford EV+ feature "learns" to increase your energy efficiency

    Mercedes-Benz may have branded the Smart Car, but Ford is trying hard to lay its own claim to that title. The US automaker is announcing an energy-efficiency feature for its plug-in vehicles where the vehicle's GPS system helps it "learn" common routes, and ways to save fuel. Called EV+, ...

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    By The Numbers: Over 6,000 plug-in sales lead October alt-fuel sales rise

    We'd say that the U.S. plug-in vehicle market's starting to fire on all cylinders, but then again, cylinders pretty much defeat the purpose, don't they? Monthly-record sales of the Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in and the second-best month ever for the Nissan Leaf all-electric helped spur ...


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