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    Report: Ford Focus PHEV on the way?

    A refreshed Ford Focus is in the works and that means a few details are leaking out. Spy shots from last month indicated the Focus will have a gaping grille just like its "One Ford" global C-segment comrade, the Fiesta. While Ford is being quiet about it, the Focus could also be getting an ...

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    Report: Ford has low expectations for Focus EV sales

    Ford is quadrupling the number of US dealers that will be certified to sell plug-in vehicles, but that optimism isn't being translated to the Focus Electric, apparently. The automaker says the Focus EV will account for five percent of its alt-fuel vehicle sales, at most, the Detroit News says, ...

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    Report: Ford gets ready for 900 EV-certified dealers by this spring

    About one in three US Ford dealers will be certified to sell plug-in vehicles by this spring, as the automaker gets ready to increase sales of its Focus Electric vehicle and C-Max and Fusion Energi plug-in hybrids, Automotive News reports, citing the company. Ford, which had 200 plug-in ...

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    Report: Ford Focus EV is 'not a compliance car,' executive says

    One Ford executive is speaking out against claims that the Ford Focus Electric is merely a bit of lip service to California's zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate. C.J. O'Donnell, who was recently named Ford's group marketing manager for electrification, told Plug In Cars that the Focus EV is not ...

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    Quick Spin: 2012 Ford Focus 1.0-liter EcoBoost

    A Sneak Peek At Our Three-Cylinder Future Remember the good old days, when compact cars were powered by six-cylinder engines? Yeah, neither do we. It's been a long time since a mainstream brand offered anything other than a four-banger in its econoboxes, and for good reason. While a half-dozen ...

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    Report: Consumer Reports goes out of its way to buy 2012 Ford Focus Electric

    The first 2012 Ford Focus Electric hatchbacks started trickling into dealerships a couple months ago and the other day, Consumer Reports was finally able to pick up one for its very own. The logistics of that purchase, though, caused the first complaint. The publication, which buys rather than ...

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    Video: Consumer Reports tests small eco models, best only saves $145/year in fuel [w/video]

    The good people at Consumer Reports appear to have a dim view of fuel-economy packages on small cars. The organization recently tested the Ford Focus SFE, Chevrolet Cruze Eco and Honda Civic HF to determine whether the cars' annual fuel savings actually offset the additional cost of opting for ...

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    Report: First Ford Focus Electric models en route to dealerships

    The 2012 Ford Focus Electric is officially on its way to dealerships. Outlets in California, New Jersey, and New York – 67 in all – are going to be the first to receive the electron-fueled Focus, with about six cars each winding up on lots. To help dealers build more excitement for ...

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    Report: These electric vehicles aren't really, real; just California compliance EVs

    California may be the Golden State, but when it comes to the upcoming debuts of a number of battery-electric vehicles, prospective buyers may want to associate the most populous U.S. state with the color red. As in herring. That's the conclusion of Green Car Reports in its evaluation of a number ...

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    Official: Ford taps its first 67 dealers for Focus Electric sales

    And then there were 67... Ford on Monday said it tapped its first 67 dealers to sell its Focus Electric, the automaker's first foray into mass-produced electric-drive vehicles. Such dealers have met requirements such as completing certain electric-vehicle training courses and installing at ...

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    Official: Ford releases photos of Focus Electric NASCAR pace car

    Last week, Ford announced that it would be creating the world's first all-electric pace car in the form of the Focus Electric hatchback. Set to lap the oval at the Richmond 400 at the end of this month, the official Focus Electric NASCAR pace car was unveiled to the public at Richmond ...

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    Quick Spin: 2012 Ford Focus Electric

    The EV Incognito You know those "spot the difference" side-by-side photos that are commonly reserved for Highlights magazines in a dentist's waiting room? "Can you find seven differences between these two pictures?" Park a 2012 Ford Focus Electric next to its gasoline-powered kin and you'll ...

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    Report: Ford prepared for slow Focus Electric sales; battery costs $12-15,000

    Along with Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, Ford CEO Alan Mulally is confident in the growth of the electric car segment. It's a long-term play, though, so Mulally isn't committing the electric Ford Focus EV to making a strong sales statement. For now, Ford's chief says he'd be fine moving fewer ...

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    Report: Ford: Focus Electric's ads going online because EVs not yet ready for prime time

    Sometimes, things just can't find a home on "regular" TV. Just ask Saturday Night Live's Not Ready for Prime Time players – or the Ford Focus Electric. Turns out, Ford will spend about a tenth of what it usually spends on new-model launches on the all-electric Focus and will shoot for a ...

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    Official: Volkswagen Up! named 2012 World Car of the Year

    As is tradition, Day Two of the 2012 New York Auto Show kicked off with the annual World Car of the Year awards. Global entries competed for honors in four different categories, and from the initial list of 34 contenders, the final four were selected this morning. The big winner was the 2012 ...

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    Official: Ford Focus Electric qualifies for California HOV lane access, extra $2,500 off

    Following in the footsteps of the Chevrolet Volt and the Honda Civic Natural Gas, the 105-MPGe 2012 Ford Focus Electric has been granted HOV lane access in California by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). CARB not only gave the upcoming all-electric vehicle the ability to let people drive ...

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    By The Numbers: Toyota widens U.S. hybrid lead in February sales

    Last month, Toyota pitched its hybrid vehicles at the Chicago Auto Show by partnering with Hasbro to make a Monopoly-inspired road course inside McCormick Center's South Hall. The concept proved prescient as the Japanese automaker appeared to further dominate competitors such as Ford and Honda ...

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    Official: Ford uses recycled plastic bottles for Focus Electric seats

    Ford will use recycled plastic bottles from the upcoming North America International Auto Show in Detroit and Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in the seats of its Ford Focus Electric, as the automaker found a method to use recycled plastics in the polyester fiber used in the car's seat ...

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    First Ford Focus Electric heads to Google

    This time last year, Ford was pulling the wraps off the Focus Electric at CES in Las Vegas. Twelve months later, Ford is slowly beginning production of its first EV at its Michigan Assembly plant and dropped off one early example to the crew at Google. We're not sure what the search giant is ...

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    Report: Extra passenger pounds can cancel out vehicle lightweighting efforts

    Americans, on average, have gained enough weight during the past 40 years to cancel out automakers' vehicle-lightweighting efforts such as using lighter components or removing spare tire, reflecting an additional challenge automakers face to meet progressively more strict fuel-economy and ...


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