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    Ford hybrid gets Fringe treatment on TV this fall

    While KITT gets the headline from Ford in its announcement of FoMoCo vehicles appearing in fall TV shows, the green-minded among us can find a mention of a hybrid powerplant on the set of Fringe a few paragraphs down - after talk of KITT (it turns into a F-150!) and Desperate Housewifes. Fringe is ...

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    Ford Escape hybrid earns $33,000 for Santa Monica Bay group at auction

    SUVs just aren't as popular as they used to be. Last June, when Ford donated a 2007 Ford Escape hybrid to the Santa Monica Bay protection group Heal The Bay, the SUV sold for $37,000. A year later, the same company gives the same vehicle (well, a 2008 model) to the same group, but this time the ...

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    Sales of Ford Escape hybrids and Focuses up in California

    Ford Escape hybrid: sales in California up 10 percent in January 2008 compared to January 2007. Ford Focus (with its PZEV rating): up 11 percent. Those are the highlights of a press release Ford put out yesterday and available after the jump. FoMoCo makes the case that these increases ...

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    DC Auto Show: Ford refines the Escape/Mariner hybrids

    Just in time to better compete with the upcoming Saturn Vue Two-Mode hybrid, Ford is rolling out a series of updates to the Escape and Mariner (and likely the badge engineered Mazda Tribute) hybrids. The big news is an updated 2.5L four cylinder engine that supplants the existing 2.3L unit. The ...

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    Volvo could lead Ford in developing diesel hybrids

    Now that Ford is on the verge of off-loading Jaguar and Land Rover they are taking a serious look at moving Volvo upmarket into the void left by the British brands. As part of that move Ford is giving the Swedes engineering responsibility in Europe for hybrid technology. They have already opened a ...

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    EVS23: Ford hands over the plug-in Escape hybrid to SCE

    Representatives from Ford and Southern California Edison were obviously quite excited about a big event on Monday at EVS23, where Ford's Sue Cischke (second from left), senior vice president, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering and Nancy Gioia (right), director, Sustainable Mobility, ...

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    Ford thinks presidential candidates are just swell in new Escape hybrid ad

    Knowing a good opportunity when it smells one, Ford has launched a new advertising campaign for the Ford Escape hybrid. The print ad highlights the fact that many of the current crop of presidential candidates are tooling around America in Escape hybrids (when they're not flying, of course), and so ...


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