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    Exclusive: Smart ED could be first with battery lease in US; electric scooter, bike under discussion, too

    Smart made a splash last fall with the announcement that the base price of the all-electric Fortwo Electric Drive would be $25,000, making it the cheapest EV in the US. After getting a lot of attention with that number, Smart has been communicating with potential customers to make sure that the ...

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    Geneva: Smart ForTwo Brabus Electric Drive is a black and green upgrade

    If given the choice, we'd grab the keys to an all-electric Smart ForTwo way before its gasoline-powered sibling, if for no other reason than it would mean we wouldn't have to put up with that horrid automated manual transmission. But such faint praise isn't really fair to the Brabus Electric ...

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    Smart Fortwo Electric Drive heads to Hong Kong for real-world trials

    With the city of Hong Kong battling record levels of pollution, Daimler has worked up what it thinks is a partial solution. The German automaker says it will provide an undisclosed number of trial versions of its Smart Fortwo Electric Drive to select partners there. Daimler's mates in the trial, ...

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    In depth: Car2go goes electric in San Diego

    When you're trying to reconfigure how people think about urban car "ownership" – by which we mean stripping out the ownership part and replacing it with the idea of having access to a car whenever you need one – the powertrain isn't really the most important part of the picture. This ...

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    First Drive: 2011 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive makes a lot of sense for a few people

    2011 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As a population, the way we approach transportation hasn't changed significantly since the aircraft first fluttered onto the scene way back in 1903. In over 100 years, we've simply been refining the recipe we know the ...


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