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    Featured: These are the five most ridiculous attacks on the Chevy Volt [w/videos]
    Obama's Burning Fire Failure Coming Soon As Second-Gen Model 1407429900

    It's been a long, strange trip for the Chevy Volt from the time when the now-odd-looking concept version (above) was introduced at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show to today. And now, General Motors announced that the second-generation Chevy Volt will make an appearance at the 2015 Detroit show in ...

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    Video: Fox Business finds nothing but bad things to say about EVs

    You can call it throwing cold water on the EV grin or taking the pessimistic view or whatever you like. The fact remains that Fox Business has got it in spades. In a recent segment with The Car Coach, Lauren Fix, electric vehicles were given a most negative of reviews while ignoring most any ...

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    Video: Fox Business offers silly numbers when talking about TSLA stock rise

    It's tough to keep track of what kind of electric powertrain Fox Business host Neil Cavuto might possibly like. For years – literally years – he railed against the Chevrolet Volt. A twist came last year when he all of a sudden liked the 2014 Infiniti LE concept electric vehicle ...

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    Video: Following Tesla's good news, Fox conveniently forgets government loan

    It's been a while since we've paid attention to Fox News attacking electric cars, but has it really been long enough for them to forget some pretty salient details? Looks like it has, according to a new video from Media Matters, which splices together clips from before Tesla Motors made its big ...

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    Report: Pentagon to buy 1,500 Chevy Volts; critical comments can't be far behind

    Now it's going to get fun. Reports are out that the U.S. Department of Defense will buy as many as 1,500 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrids from General Motors, and some folks are already in a tizzy about it. The New American reported that the Pentagon will buy the extended-range plug-ins in order ...

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    Report: All of a sudden, Fox's Neil Cavuto likes electric cars?

    To quote Bill Murray from Ghostbusters: "Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!" That's pretty much our response to Fox Business anchor and long-time electric-drive vehicle basher Neil Cavuto plugging for plug-ins. Calling it "a plug-in that gets it," Cavuto recently praised the 2014 ...

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    Opinion: Fox News vs. the Chevy Volt

    Political agenda trumps Volt facts on "fair and balanced" channel Political liberals have long hated General Motors, partly because long-ago GM leaders did bad things and built bad products, but mostly because it was really big, successful and profitable. And most probably still do. Never mind ...

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    Video: Fox News finds some love for the Chevy Volt

    Looks like Bob Lutz gave up criticizing the way Fox News talks about the Chevrolet Volt just in time. Lee Spieckerman of Spieckerman Media was on Fox & Friends this morning absolutely raving about GM's plug-in hybrid, and the host agreed with everything he said. See for yourself after the ...

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    Video: Fox News hates on GM for forcing employees into Chevy Volt. Wait, what's that?

    We'll give the intrepid personalities over at Fox News a bit of credit for catching themselves mid-mistake, but just take a look at this: While discussing news that GE (note that last letter, please) is buying a fleet of Chevrolet Volt hatchbacks, one of our Foxy friends (Juliet Huddy) said, "All ...

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    Video: Kermit, Miss Piggy rip into Fox over claims of anti-oil, liberal Muppet messages

    What's next, Tom and Jerry vs. PETA? "The Muppets" characters Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy are going toe to toe with Fox News after the news organization accused "The Muppets" movie of peddling liberal-backed, anti-oil messages to unsuspecting children. Speaking in a press conference ...

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    Chevy Volt owner tackles Fox's Neil Cavuto on his home turf

    To say that conservative commentators have had it in for the Chevy Volt is putting it mildly. Rush Limbaugh labelled the Volt a terrible product, undeserving of its many car of the year awards. Fox News claimed that American taxpayers were subsidizing the Volt to the tune of $81,000 a copy. Right ...

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    Fisker fighting back against ABC News, right wing inaccuracies

    What happens if you can't find an actual scandal? Make one up. The Fisker "scandal" that started at ABC News has jumped to Fox and right wing blogs, where the idea that the U.S. bumbled into paying for cars built overseas is gaining steam.
    ABC's report incorrectly stated that Fisker had made ...

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    Video: Want to see overwhelming hatred for the Chevy Volt? Watch this Neil Cavuto montage

    It's no surprise that right wingers, by and large, hate the Chevy Volt, but Media Matters has put together a truly amazing collection of clips of Fox host Neil Cavuto disparaging GM's plug-in car. There are plenty of reasons a person can list to not like the Volt; the fact that it plugs in is ...

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    Opinion: Why early electric vehicle adopters deserve tax credits

    Fox News recently crucified the first U.S. customer of Nissan's all electric Leaf, Bay Area resident Olivier Chalouhi, for receiving the benefit of a $7,500 federal tax credit towards the purchase of his new clean energy car. At one point, the host, Eric Bolling, asked: ""Why in the world are we ...

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    Fox News attacks first Nissan Leaf owner, engages in a lot of hate

    And you thought Fabio got the rough treatment when he went on Fox News. Try being Olivier Chalouhi, the first non-celebrity to take delivery of a Nissan Leaf. Chalouhi braved the right-wing media machine to talk about his car, but the conversation turned almost immediately into a "bash the ...

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    Fabio schools Fox's hyper-skeptical Neil Cavuto on electric cars

    Plug In America's ad "Hype," which features beefcake Fabio, is making national headlines and the hunky book cover model appeared on Fox News with anchor Neil Cavuto to discuss the PSA and electromobility. As someone who never watches Fox News, it was a bit surprising to see an interviewer be this ...

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    Rightwing pundits attack the Volt, which forces Fox to change definition of who's "rich"

    We get the feeling that a memo was sent out to right-wing pundits recently to attack the Chevrolet Volt. After Rush Limbaugh's rant a few weeks ago against the plug-in hybrid, we found similar editorials in the Chicago Tribune and the Tuscon Citizen. We don't have time to point out every ...

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    Video: Fox News reportedly refusing to air ad denouncing dependence on foreign oil

    VoteVets ad on U.S. foreign oil dependence – click above to watch the video after the jump
    While it is generally understood that America's dependence on foreign oil negatively impacts the country in many ways, both the citizenry and the media differ in how they choose to deal with the ...

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    Fisker responds to Fox New's report that "ignored or marginalized the truth"

    Fisker Karma - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Fisker Automotive has decided to not sit down and take the whole "scary Fisker foreign company" meme that Fox News is trying to spread. The California-based automaker's CEO, Henrik Fisker, issued a release today saying that some news reports ...

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    Fox News criticizes - and misleads viewers on - Tesla, Fisker DOE loans

    Fox News on Fisker, Teska DOE loans - Click above to watch the videos after the jump
    Pop quiz: what country is Tesla Motors based in? England? Wrong. What about Fisker Automotive? Finland? Wrong again, but if you gave those two answers, you might be qualified to be on Fox News and criticize the ...


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