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    Official: Is nose-to-nose wireless charging a better idea?
    Fraunhofer Institute Says Yes 1407589020

    Imagine a day when charging is as simple as pulling into a parking space. No cords to untangle or trip over, nothing to get your hands and pants dirty and nothing to wrap up when you're already late leaving for work. Just park your car, and forget it. That's the beauty of charging wirelessly ...

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    Redox flow batteries promise near-instant recharging times

    Redox flow battery electric test model - Click above to enlarge
    Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT in Pfinztal, Germany, are currently working on improving a new type of battery system that promises recharge times on par with the refilling of a conventional fuel ...

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    Creators of the MP3 come up with non-exploding lithium batteries

    If anyone knows of the Fraunhofer Institute at all, it's usually for their role in creating the MPEG-1 Layer 3 digital audio format. That would be the bane of the music industry more commonly referred to as MP3. The researchers at Fraunhofer work in lots of different areas, including battery ...

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    High-strength steel to cut vehicle weights and boost fuel economy

    Traditional metal sheet forming allows volume production of automotive body parts such as doors and roofs via a process known as deep drawing. The metal spools off a huge roll to be pressed into a corresponding mold by a three-dimensional die. High-strength steel, such as high-alloy hardenable ...


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