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    Even Tesla job fair gets too much attention, causes traffic jam

    We know that when it comes to Tesla, every little thing has the potential to explode into the popular consciousness. Whether it's the rare fire or a good conspiracy theory, any news is good news. But we thought that this was just true on the Internet. Turns out, even the company's neighbors can't ...

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    Report: UAW sets up organizing committee at Tesla's Fremont factory

    Tesla is happy to do things differently than other automakers, from the company-owned stores to the all-electric drivetrain. It also doesn't use union workers at its factory in Fremont, California (the former NUMMI plant, pictured). But now the United Auto Workers (UAW) is testing the waters for ...

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    Official: Tesla gets $10 million from California for Model X production

    The Golden State is providing some green for the Tesla Model X. The California Energy Commission (CEC) has awarded electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors $10 million to expand its Fremont, CA, plant to accommodate production for the Model X SUV. Tesla, which currently employs around 3,000 people, ...

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    Tesla rumor roundup: HQ move; 440 volt charging in Model S

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    We're waiting not so patiently for the March 26th unveiling of the Tesla Model S (teased above). One thing we can confirm about the new car is that it will have 440V charging capability. CNET notes that there aren't any public 440-volt fast charging stations (although there are ...


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