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    Report: Nissan's new front-wheel-drive hybrid system will be greener, just as powerful

    For those who want to cut to the chase about the latest revelations of Nissan's pending front-engine, front-wheel-drive powertrain – i.e. the FF Hybrid – it's got the same power with less fuel. That's what Green Car Congress says, citing a presentation Nissan executive Owen Thunes, ...

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    Video: BMW 0 Series leaks out in corporate video?

    BMW 0 Series, is that you? – Click above to watch the video after the break
    If BMW intends to go downmarket any further than it already has, which seems likely considering that the automaker has already confirmed it will offer a front-wheel drive model under its own badge, there's only one ...

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    BMW confirms plans for front-wheel drive, low emissions targets

    If there's one thing that's certain in this crazy world we live in, it's that Ultimate Driving Machines are driven by their rear wheels. Sure, there's an occasional all-wheel drive model thrown in for good measure, but even those revert to the tried-and-true RWD when extra traction from the front ...

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    Mercedes-Benz A-Class to go with conventional FWD layout

    After more than a year of holding talks with other automakers about potentially sharing a platform for a next-generation replacement for the A and B-Class cars, Mercedes-Benz has apparently decided to go it alone. AutoCar is reporting that the replacement for Mercedes two front wheel drive models ...

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    Next Chevy Impala might stay front wheel drive after all

    For some time now General Motors has been planning to shift their big sedan models such as the Chevy Impala from their current front wheel drive configurations back to rear wheel drive. The Zeta platform that will form the basis of the new Camaro and Pontiac G8 was supposed to spawn a new Impala in ...


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