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    Official: Charging-station payment convenience is key to EV adoption

    The proverbial velvet rope may do wonders for trendy nightclubs, but it's apparently hurting the plug-in vehicle industry. While the lack of available public charging stations is largely viewed as a hurdle to broader EV adoption, research firm Frost & Sullivan says membership-based payment ...

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    Study: Global lithium-ion battery sales will jump sixfold by 2019

    Add UK-based Frost & Sullivan as the latest research firm to forecast a big jump in lithium-ion battery sales, implying that a jump in plug-in vehicle sales is in the making. Frost & Sullivan says global li-on battery sales will jump sixfold to $12.84 billion in 2019, up from $2.13 ...

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    Study: Diesel hybrids soon to be a reality in Europe?

    Guess cleaner vehicles are just what the consumer ordered. Consulting firm Frost & Sullivan says consumer awareness of sustainable mobility has prompted automakers to develop low-emission vehicles and – quite optimistically – claims that one out of every two vehicles sold in ...

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    Study: Lightweight automotive material segment to soar to $95 billion in 2017

    With the 2025 CAFE target set at 54.5 miles per gallon, the race to develop fuel-efficient vehicles is on. According to Frost & Sullivan, this race to 54.5 will necessitate a healthy dose of lightweight automotive components. Frost & Sullivan's latest report, "Prevalent Substitution ...

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    Europe, get ready for the onslaught of the microcars; 60 models coming in 36 months

    Europe's microcar segment is set to explode, according to Frost & Sullivan's recently released "Strategic Analysis of the European Microcars Market." The firm's analysis shows that microcars will soon become massive revenue generators for seven out of the top 10 global automakers. Challenged ...


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