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    Official: FTC staff comes out in favor of Tesla, direct vehicle sales

    On the subject of Tesla Motors and its efforts to legally sell its electric vehicles directly to consumers without franchised dealerships, the FTC has taken aim at Missouri and New Jersey. The Commission hasn't made any nationwide decision on the subject quite yet, but in a May 16 statement it ...

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    Official: FTC officials question 'bad policy' that stops Tesla's direct sales

    It looks like Elon Musk has a new group of allies over at the Federal Trade Commission. Writing on the FTC blog, three high-level FTC officials came out against the "protectionist" network of laws in the US that govern automotive dealers and prevent, in some cases, Tesla Motors from selling its ...

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    Official: AMA points to EPA document to prove ethanol damages small engines

    The fight over converting the national supply of gasoline from a maximum 10-percent ethanol blend (known as E10) to E15 have quieted down somewhat when it comes to passenger cars. For other applications - like "motorcycles and nonroad products" - the struggle continues. Enter, once again, the ...

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    FTC loses case against Dutchman Enterprises LLC

    In a move that has made hydrogen injection enthusiasts more enthused and left most critics still critical, NJ Federal Judge Michael Shipp has ruled that the FTC failed to make its case against Dutchman Enterprises LLC., the United Community Services of America Inc and Dennis Lee. The FTC had ...

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    Tell the FTC how to regulate green ads before the Jan. 25 deadline

    digg_url = ''; The Federal Trade Commission held a public hearing Tuesday (Jan. 8) on how to regulate "green" advertising and they still want to know what you think. You can watch web-casts of the workshop and anyone is ...

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    Why gas prices went up in 2006

    The FTC released a report with the reasons behind the gas price increase in 2006. Live in a cave and don't recall the increase in gas price in 2006? As shown in the above graph, the weekly average gas price started the year at $2.28 in February. It quickly rose to an average May to September of ...

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    "Improves gas mileage by..." yeah, we've heard that one before!

    Be skeptical! Out of 93 fuel saving devices or additives were recently tested in Ann Arbor, Michigan, by the EPA, and out of those, just 10 were found to increase fuel mileage, and then only slightly. Unfortunately, 4 of those 10 also increased emissions. The results of the report are that none of ...

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    Brazilian technology company to export ethanol-enabling add-on

    Most Americans love seeing the phrase "plug 'n play." The alliteration bounces off your lips while the words magically translate to "no set-up required." Well, mostly. Every now and then, you have to turn a skeptical eye to a claim or product and here we may just need to turn two. In a recent press ...

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    Joan Claybrook claims flex-fuel Taurus can't run E85

    Former National Highway Traffic Safety Administration chief and current head of Public Citizen Joan Claybrook has long been a thorn in the side of the auto-makers. Now in a follow-on to this earlier story about problems with flex-fuel Ford Tauruses it seems that Claybrook has filed a petition ...


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