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fuel cell vehicles

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    Official: Toyota FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) Concept ready for Tokyo, maybe not 2015

    Toyota has been teasing its upcoming hydrogen fuel cell sedan – due in 2015, maybe, see below – for years. The information we've heard is that the car will have a 300-mile range and cost between $50,000 and $100,000, but the one thing we haven't had is a glimpse of what it will look ...

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    Report: France working on domestic hydrogen refueling network

    A French consortium has launched a national study to analyze the potential of hydrogen and fuel cell electric vehicles. Twenty partner members in the "Mobility Hydrogen France" group think that a hydrogen refueling infrastructure could increase deployment of electric vehicles in Europe and ...

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    Report: Cheap metal-free catalyst could replace platinum in H2 fuel cells

    Some automakers want to get serious about bringing hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles to market if a big wall can be climbed – the one that puts the cost of H2 vehicles out of reach for some OEMs and at least $50,000 for others. That number could slide down thanks to researchers from South ...

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    Report: Swedish researchers burn garbage into hydrogen

    As the ancient idiom says, "Waste not, want not." Researchers at Lund University in Sweden are making it happen by turning ash from burned garbage into hydrogen. "The ash can be used as a resource through recovery of hydrogen gas instead of being allowed to be released into the air as at ...

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    Report: GM closes NY fuel cell facility, consolidates hydrogen research in MI

    The town of Honeoye Falls, NY, got a jolt on October 5, when General Motors announced it would be closing down its fuel-cell research facility there. The 220 GM employees were given the opportunity to move to Pontiac, MI, where GM will be consolidating its fuel cell program to capitalize on ...

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    Official: Four automakers take fuel cell vehicles on European road trip

    Global automakers are taking a European road trip together to promote hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. On September 13, seven different fuel cell cars from Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota started a one-month tour with stopovers planned for nine European cities as a way to introduce more ...

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    Report: Obama administration rethinking support for hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles

    This is one political flip-flop scenario that could actually please some constituents. The Obama Administration might reverse its policy of cutting support for hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle development (FCEV) in favor of battery-electric vehicles by putting more resources towards FCEV ...

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    Report: Could 500 psi hydrogen storage tanks make H2 vehicles more feasible?

    The UK's first public-access hydrogen fueling station – the one opened by Honda just days ago – dispenses hydrogen at 350 bar (5,076 psi) and 700 bar (10,153 psi). The reason is that these are the two standard filling pressures adopted by the world's major automakers, and it requires ...

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    Even without H2 cars, Honda opens UK's first public-access hydrogen station

    UK drivers wishing to skip battery electric vehicles while maintaining "zero-emissions" motoring now have a new alternative since Honda has opened the UK's first public-access hydrogen refueling station. Ironically, no automakers offer a fuel cell vehicle in the UK, not even Honda. At the ...

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    DOE awards $7 million to advance hydrogen storage systems

    It appears the U.S. hasn't completely backed away from hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with a new Department of Energy (DOE) announcement saying it will award nearly $7 million over five years for cost analysis to support the development of hydrogen storage for fuel cell systems, including those ...

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    GM CEO: Fuel cell vehicles "won't be practical until the 2020-plus period"

    Last year, General Motors' chief executive officer Dan Akerson says the Toyota Prius is a geekmobile he "wouldn't be caught dead in." That comment caught a bit of fire, and his latest – that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles won't be practical until at least 2020 – will likely do the ...

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    How using cobalt catalysts could lead to cheaper hydrogen

    Water oxidation is essential for extracting hydrogen from H2O using sunlight. Back in 2010, Emory University researchers, led by Craig Hill, discovered a homogeneous catalyst for oxidizing water, which could lead to replicating photosynthesis, but more efficiently and in a controllable way. ...

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    Cuba shows interest in hydrogen vehicle technology

    Cuba may be where the cars of the past survive today, but it's also a place that's interested in the fuel of the future. According to Tania Carbonel Morales, director at the Center for Studies on Renewable Energy Technologies (CETER), hydrogen is being studied on the island nation as an ...

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    Honda, Air Liquide join Clean Energy Partnership to promote hydrogen in Europe

    Honda has joined the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) in Europe to demonstrate the viability of fuel cell technology and support the essential development of a European hydrogen refueling infrastructure. As part of the agreement, Honda will support CEP activities by providing two FCX Clarity fuel ...

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    Study: Well-to-wheels emissions for CNG vehicles lower than diesel hybrids, fuel cell vehicles

    In a paper published in the journal Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, Joshua Gifford, a Master's student in mechanical engineering at Iowa State University (ISU), along with Robert C. Brown, director of ISU's center for sustainable environmental technologies, propose the evaluation of four ...

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    Toyota announces opening of U.S.' only pipeline-fed hydrogen fueling station

    Yesterday, Toyota Motor Sales celebrated the grand opening of the U.S.' only pipeline-fed hydrogen fueling station. The station, a collaborative effort between Toyota, Air Products, Shell, South Coast Air Quality Management District and the Department of Energy, is located adjacent to Toyota's ...

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    EIA: E85-capable vehicles dominate available alt-fuel models in 2009

    Of the 1,076,350 alternative-fuel automobiles made available in the U.S. in 2009, nearly 75 percent (805,777) were flex-fuel capable (E85) vehicles, according to the report "Alternatives to Traditional Transportation Fuels 2009" recently released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration ...

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    Intelligent Energy gets $11 million for hydrogen fuel cell commercialization

    UK-based Intelligent Energy (IE) recently wrapped up its latest investment round, receiving approximately £7 million ($11 million U.S. at the current exchange rate) from both existing and new shareholders. The funds, according to Henri Winand, IE's chief executive officer, will allow the ...

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    Kia Motors to join Clean Energy Partnership

    Kia Borrego FCEV - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Kia Motors has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) to promote fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) and the establishment of supporting infrastructure in Europe. The initial agreement was inked ...

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    Daimler: Fuel cell vehicles to cost no more than diesel hybrids by 2015

    Mercedes-Benz F-Cell - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Toyota has declared, on numerous occasions, that it will launch a sedan-type fuel cell vehicle in 2015 at or under a price of $50,000. Hitting that price point may prove difficult, but even Daimler feels that its doable. ...


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