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fuel cells

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    Another way to photosynthesize hydrogen from high-tech 'leaves'

    Maybe we should just admit that the future is unpredictable, especially the hydrogen economy. Just recently, we've seen Toyota predict the cost of hydrogen will be between $5-and-$7 per kilogram in the future. UC Davis also recently released a report that says hydrogen can be inexpensive in the ...

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    Report: Cheap metal-free catalyst could replace platinum in H2 fuel cells

    Some automakers want to get serious about bringing hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles to market if a big wall can be climbed – the one that puts the cost of H2 vehicles out of reach for some OEMs and at least $50,000 for others. That number could slide down thanks to researchers from South ...

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    U.S. Fuel Cell Council, National Hydrogen Association link up

    The U.S. Fuel Cell Council (USFCC) and the National Hydrogen Association (NHA) will link up to form the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA). The newly formed FCHEA will focus in on accelerating the commercial application of fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies across multiple ...

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    Video: Hydrogen-powered buses in Hamburg are fueled by the wind

    Hydrogen bus in Hamburg - Click above to watch video after the jump
    The ongoing debate between hydrogen advocates and supporters of battery-powered vehicles has kind of died down for now, but this latest video of the Hamburg hydrogen bus fleet might whip it up again. The video explains some of ...

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    Prepping for 2012 Summer Olympics, fuel cell-powered London taxi prototype unveiled

    The city of London hopes to have a fleet of zero emission fuel cell-powered taxicabs in service in time for the 2012 summer Olympic games. The first prototype, built by Lotus Engineering with a consortium of other companies, was unveiled yesterday at the city hall. The classic black TX4 cab is ...

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    Report: Japan's fuel cell market could grow 99-fold by 2025

    The Big Japanese Three automakers are all working on fuel cell vehicles. This is no surprise, especially to anyone who remembers that, between 1998 and 2004, two out of every three fuel cell patent applications were filed by Japanese companies. What might be a surprise is how big the domestic ...

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    Thousand Oaks, CA to get two Ballard-powered fuel cell buses

    The SunLine Transit Agency in Thousand Oaks, CA will be expanding its hydrogen fuel cell test program this year with two new buses. The buses with different chassis and powertrain configurations will both use fuel cell stacks from Ballard Power Systems of Vancouver, British Columbia. The first bus ...

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    Video: Design students create a fuel cell-powered BMW bike

    BMW fuel cell motorcycle design concept - Click above for image gallery
    Like many other automakers, BMW has expended plenty of research effort on hydrogen as a transportation fuel. Unlike everyone else, BMW has focused on liquid hydrogen with internal combustion engines. A group of design ...

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    Video: New Flyer's fuel cell buses moving people at Winter Olympics

    Olympic fuel cell buses – Click above to watch video after the jump
    With the Winter Olympic games set to kick off next week in Vancouver, British Columbia, many of the visitors to the ski resort of Whistler (just north of the city) will be getting zero emissions transportation. BC Transit ...

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    After Volkswagen hookup, Suzuki quits hybrid, fuel cell work with General Motors

    Suzuki SX4 fuel cell concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    At last fall's Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki showed off several concept vehicles powered by either hybrid or hydrogen fuel cell powertrains. Apparently, Suzuki relied on former shareholder and senior partner General Motors for ...

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    Ballard gets contract to supply fuel cells to Daimler

    Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCELL-Hybrid - click above for high-res image gallery
    Ballard Power Systems has announced that it has received a $24 million contract from Daimler to supply its FCvelocity fuel cell systems. At the beginning of 2008, Ballard sold off its automotive fuel cell assets to ...

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    BMW rumored to quit hydrogen but just dropping Hydrogen 7

    BMW Hydrogen 7 - click above for high-res image gallery
    We hadn't heard much about BMW's Hydrogen 7 for a while. Some people thought this signaled the end of the Bavarian marque's interest in hydrogen technology. The rumor was so widespread that the Germany newspaper Handlesblatt even recently ...

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    Peugeot to show off fuel cell ER-EV 307CC this week

    Peugeot will be showing off a new demonstration vehicle this week at a hydrogen technology conference in Lyon, France. The research vehicle is based on a 307 CC coupe-convertible and is entirely propelled by electricity. The 307 demonstrator has an extended range electric powertrain, much like ...

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    Daimler debuts next-gen Citaro fuel cell bus in Hamburg, cuts fuel consumption in half

    Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCELL-Hybrid - click above for high-res image gallery
    Daimler this week unveiled the first of its new generation Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCELL-Hybrid transit buses. Thirty of these new buses will be going into service in 2010 with the first 10 going to Hamburg Germany ...

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    Fuel cell vehicles finish 707-mile demonstration run in Japan

    Toyota, Nissan and Honda all participated in a fuel cell demonstration run in Japan last week. The three automakers brought their most advanced hydrogen fuel cell vehicles out for the two-day trip from Tokyo to Fukuoka with an overnight stop in Osaka. The driving teams piloted a Honda FCX Clarity, ...

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    GM fuel cell boss explains that the technology needs to pass final cost hurdle to production

    General Motors fuel cell comparsion - click above to enlarge
    It's no secret that General Motors remains committed to hydrogen fuel cells as a long term solution to zero emissions transportation. In this cause, GM is in league with many of the largest automakers in the world including Toyota, ...

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    H2 Olympics power: BC Transit gets first fuel cell bus with Ballard stack

    Over two years ago, we first learned the British Columbia Transit was planning to acquire 20 fuel cell-powered buses for use in the Whistler area ahead of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The first of those buses was recently delivered to the transit company with the rest arriving over the coming weeks ...

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    Frankfurt 2009: all plugs and hybrids, no hydrogen

    Audi e-tron concept -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's probable that, somewhere in the Frankfurt Messe this week, there are hydrogen-powered concept vehicles. From the headlines, though, it's clear that the world's automakers showing off their wares at the Frankfurt Motors Show are ...

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    Honda still plans 200 FCX Clarity leases, showroom sales by 2015

    Honda FCX Clarity - Click above for high-res image gallery
    When Honda announced the FCX Clarity fuel cell car in November 2007, the company announced plans to build and lease 200 of the hydrogen fueled cars. So far however, only 10 examples have been delivered as Honda struggles with the process ...

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    GM not giving up on hydrogen fuel cells yet! Production planned for 2012

    Chevrolet fuel cell Equinox - click above for a high-res image gallery
    The current administration in Washington clearly doesn't favor the pursuit of hydrogen fuel cells, but that doesn't mean General Motors is giving up on the technology. In spite of the pending retirement of Larry Burns, VP of ...


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