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fuel efficient vehicles

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    Study: UCS: Buying an efficient car takes a bite out of Big Oil

    Here's an unsurprising fact: Big Oil is making huge profits. Here's one that might catch your eye: car owners are spending nearly as much gassing up as they paid to buy their car. Crunching a few numbers, the Union of Concerned Scientists spells out in a new report how consumers could be saving ...

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    Second quarter average fuel economy dips to 22.5 mpg

    Data compiled by the number crunchers over at Ward's Auto shows that the rush to purchase fuel-efficient automobiles is on, but vehicle availability has been an issue. Impacted by quake-related shortages, vehicles sold between April and June averaged 22.5 miles per gallon, a 2.4-percent ...

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    Average fuel economy of vehicles sold in June fell to 21.6 mpg

    Data compiled by TrueCar exclusively for Reuters suggests that, despite the fact that the going rate for a gallon of gas in the U.S. is $3.59, there's still no rush to purchase fuel efficient vehicles. Take, for example, the month of June, when the average fuel economy of passenger vehicles ...

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    Report: Prices of fuel-efficient used vehicles have peaked

    As gasoline prices start to dip, so too are the values of fuel-efficient used vehicles. According to Kelley Blue Book, prices on fuel-sipping used autos increased by roughly 25 percent throughout the first 20 weeks of 2011, but that, "values for fuel-efficient used vehicles have now peaked." If ...

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    SAE Supermileage competition kicks off today; mpg to beat is 2,340

    SAE International's 2011 Supermileage competition kicks off today with technical inspections and practice runs. The competing vehicles, possibly the envy of eco-conscious drivers across the nation, routinely achieve a fuel efficiency rating of more than 2,000 miles per gallon. These fuel-frugal ...

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    Average fuel economy of new vehicles fell to 21.9 mpg in May

    Data compiled exclusively for Reuters shows that the rush to purchase fuel efficient vehicles is not as urgent as it was back in 2008 when gasoline prices soared to a record-setting high of $4.114 in the U.S. Take, for example, the month of May, when the average fuel economy of new passenger ...

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    Yet another reason to switch to gallons per mile

    Pop quiz: Say you split your driving evenly between a 21 mpg SUV and a 75 mpg Vespa scooter. What would your average miles per gallon be? If you answered 48 mpg you're not alone, as that's what Vespa came up with in their infographic we posted last week (reposted above). The only problem is that ...

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    Edmunds lists most, least fuel-efficient sporty vehicles

    Question: can sporty vehicles be fuel efficient? Answer: yes. Recently, the team over at Edmunds Auto Observer compiled a list of some of the most and least fuel-efficient sporty vehicles available. Surprisingly, there's a monstrous gap (of $165) between the lowest and highest monthly fuel costs ...

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    India set to reveal stringent CAFE standards of 40.7 mpg (U.S.) by 2015

    India's government is expected to officially reveal stringent fuel efficiency standards that will go into effect in 2015. According to the Hindustan Times, India's Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards will require automakers to increase fuel economy of gasoline-burning vehicles from ...

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    Chrysler figures improved fuel economy will drive growth

    Chrysler claims to be on track to sell 1.4 million vehicles in the U.S. in 2011. However, key vehicles, including the Chrysler 300 and Fiat 500 are in short supply and, of the 170 U.S. dealers granted franchises to peddle Fiat vehicles, fewer than 50 are currently operational. Sergio Marchionne, ...

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    Report: Sales of fuel-efficient vehicles too low to meet 2016 CAFE standards

    It's estimated that automakers will dish out more than $50 billion to meet CAFE standards that go into effect in 2016, but if consumers don't buy enough fuel-efficient vehicles, then automakers may fail to meet the required 35.5 miles-per-gallon average. According to Ward's Auto, the average ...

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    TrueCar ranks top 10 fuel-efficient cars; Toyota Prius leads the pack

    TrueCar has compiled its list of the top ten most fuel-efficient 2011 model year vehicles currently on the market and – unsurprise! – the Toyota Prius, the world's best-selling hybrid, leads the pack. TrueCars' selection hinged on fuel economy and annual gas costs, the latter of ...

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    NADA says $4.50 gas is tipping point in U.S. (well, duh!)

    Do you remember 2008, when the cost of gas in the U.S. jumped to levels people just weren't ready for? When gas prices soared to $3.50 an above that year, we saw the U.S. public panic, and some changed their car-buying habits (for a while, at least). The 2011 version could come when a gallon of ...

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    China approves measly $442 incentive for fuel-efficient vehicles *UPDATE

    The National Development and Reform Commission in China recently added 71 models from 16 different automakers to the approved list of vehicles that qualify for subsidies based on fuel efficiency alone. All of the qualifying vehicles are fitted with engines no larger than 1.6 liters and consume ...

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    Formula One teams want to cut emissions and fuel consumption

    The Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) wants to cut cut its total carbon emissions by 15 percent within three years and double the efficiency of its race engines within five years. FOTA commissioned an analysis by Trucost to determine its total life-cycle emissions from all operations. As it ...

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    EPA announces top 10 most fuel-efficient cars, Insight takes top honors

    Top Ten EPA-rated Fuel Sippers (1984 to present) – Click above for image gallery
    Fuel efficiency has increased dramatically in the last decade, or at least that's what we've been told. So it might come as a surprise to find out that six of the Top Ten EPA-rated Fuel Sippers from 1984 to ...

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    Auto industry supports Obama's newly announced long-term mpg standards

    President Obama recently announced plans to define fuel economy regulations beyond 2016. He briefly outlined a new plan that would regulate the mileage requirements of cars and light trucks through 2025 and medium- and heavy-duty trucks through 2018. The overall goal of his plan is quite simple: ...

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    BMW pursuing better acoustics to improve efficiency

    Manuel Reichle, Sound engineer, and the BMW 635d – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When considering how to go about improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions, we typically think of smaller engines, alternative fuels and electrification. One area that doesn't typically come to ...

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    Ford manages biggest five-year fuel economy improvement among major automakers

    Ford 1.6-liter EcoBoost - click above for high-res image gallery
    According to the latest report from the Environmental Protection Agency, Ford has scored the biggest improvement in combined fuel economy of any major carmaker over the last five years. Between 2005 and 2009, Ford improved its fleet ...

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    Hyundai tops the list as the most fuel efficient automaker in the U.S.

    Quick – name the most fuel efficient car brand in America. Did you say Toyota? Honda? Surely, you're not alone, but incorrect all the same. In fact, the answer is none other than Hyundai, which publicly set out to nab the title just one year ago. According to the United States Environmental ...


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