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    Report: Toyota Mirai might be the name of new fuel cell car; it means 'future'

    Anybody remember the Ford Futura? It wasn't exactly a world-beater of a car, so we don't think the name Toyota's has apparently chosen for its first production fuel-cell vehicle is a tribute of sorts. Though one never knows. Maybe Toyota just likes 18-inch-tall EVs. The Japanese automaker has ...

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    Study: Shell predicts petroleum-powered cars will be 'nearly' gone by 2070 [w/video]

    "By 2070, the passenger road market could be nearly oil-free." That's the key line (for us, anyway) in a report out from Shell titled New Lens Scenarios. The oil giant is trying to understand the future (who isn't?) and to do that, it envisioned two possible futures, one called "Mountains" and ...

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    Official: Audi forecasts a kinder, gentler, more collaborative urban future

    Turns out, the good folks at Audi aren't nihilists. The German automaker has joined up with Columbia University researchers to make predictions about city life in 2050, when 7 billion people will be urban dwellers. The result is five potential future scenarios, and none of them involve world ...

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    Thinking about how driverless cars may impact sprawl, private car ownership

    Whether it's Volvo's project SARTRE or Google's driverless car, autonomous vehicles are on the horizon. The question now becomes, what will the view of that horizon look like when they get here. For now, only Nevada has laws on the books to allow self-driving cars on the road, but Robert ...

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    Report: Imperfect fuel-saving tech contributed to Ford's fall in quality

    As the only one of the "Big Three" to not declare bankruptcy during the economic crisis, and the only one to not require government investment to simply stay in existence, Ford could easily be called the winner of Detroit Wars. The company came, it saw, it... conquered probably isn't the right ...

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    Video: BMW asks, "Where are our flying cars?"

    BMW imagines the future of mobility – Click above to watch the video after the break
    December 17, 1903. That's the date the Wright Brothers first managed to get themselves and their heavier-than-air contraption off the ground for its maiden flight. As you're surely aware, it's been even ...

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    Tesla, V-Vehicle reps to discuss future of automobiles in New York museum

    Over the last 100 years, motor vehicles have been transformed from something akin to a horse-drawn carriage with a motor to, essentially, a supercomputer on wheels. While the automobile has certainly come a long way, evolution will continue to change vehicles in unforeseeable ways. What ways? ...

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    National Hydrogen Association's looks to 2100 for a time when H2 vehicles "dominate"

    Automakers from Mercedes to Honda are eager to show off their hydrogen cars and plans for these vehicles in the future. We see it all the time here on AutoblogGreen (BTW, have you noticed our new "landing pages" for the various categories on the site? Try some: Hydrogen, Legislation and Policy and ...

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    Lexus: "Hybrids aren't just a transition technology"

    Lexus big boss in Europe Andy Pfeiffenberger was interviewed by news agency Europa Press and discussed the future of the brand and his perspectives on the auto industry. First and foremost, Pfeiffenberger stated that hybrids are here to stay: they aren't just going to be mated to gasoline engines, ...

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    Mitsubishi's electric car plans revealed

    From the outside looking in, electric car development programs seem to proceed at a snail's pace and are filled with many ambiguous meanderings. Even when company executives make lots of public statements, the waters stay muddied. A recent interview with Tohru Hashimoto, Corporate General Manager ...

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    Peugeot to designers: "Imagine a Pugeot for the megapolis of tomorrow"

    Click on the image to enlargeTomorrow usually just means tomorrow... as in the next day that you wake up. Sometimes, though, the word tomorrow takes on a slightly different meaning, as it does for the 2008 Peugeot Design Competition. Think of a time in the not-too-distant future. What does the city ...

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    Alternative fuels will be key factor in car of the future
    1159794660 has just posted a colorful and engaging multi-story report on high-tech cars. The one piece covering alternative fuel called on MIT professors to give their thoughts. They believe there will be many choices because "we can't put all our eggs in one basket." The article says hybrid ...


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