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garage fire

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    Report: Tesla sending free replacement wall charger adapters after garage fire [UPDATE]

    Tesla Motors is about to mail off a lot of packages. The California-based electric vehicle manufacturer is going to send out replacement, upgraded wall charger adapters to customers with official Tesla charging units. The reason is a recent garage fire that involved a Tesla Model S and a company ...

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    Followup: NHTSA launches inquiry into Fisker Karma garage fire

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched a formal field inquiry into the garage fire that may or may not have been started by a Fisker Karma sedan, Bloomberg reports. The conflagration, which destroyed the Karma, the garage and a few nearby vehicles, took place on May 3rd ...

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    Report: Chevy Volt possibly involved in second garage fire, this time in North Carolina

    Garage fires are nothing new, and there will come a day when stories like this one won't make national news. For now, though, if a Chevy Volt is inside a garage that blazes up, people notice. This happened earlier this year in Connecticut – in a fire that was later ruled to not be caused by ...

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    Video: Garage fire claims Chevy Volt and homebuilt EV *UPDATE

    No one was hurt – but two plug-in vehicles were destroyed – in a fire in a home in the Connecticut town of Barkhamsted last night. The cars were a brand-new 2011 Chevrolet Volt with just 2,000 miles on the odometer and a converted all-electric Suzuki Samurai that the homeowner, Storm ...


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